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Similarity between production and digestion

We have so many difficulties to earn and manage money, because this produces such disgust as fecal droppings.

Consider the following comparison between two similar irrational phenomena.

But: remember that in order to understand something of ourselves we have to put down any attempt to imagine logical, coherent, reasonable. We need to accept that our desires, intentions, aspirations are, at the bottom (ie, in the unconscious ), irrational.

1) A person receives food, chews, swallows, digests it. Nutrients are integrated into the body to replenish energy consumed while we are alive, and the rest, which has no nutrients, is discharged as fecal droppings.

2) A person receives materials (clay, for example), it works with his hands, building useful items (plates, vases, pots, for example), sold and money.

Now we have to make an effort of imagination to integrate these two acts (eating and making).

The conclusion to substantiate says intend, fecal droppings and money are unconsciously associated.

A good foundation to legitimize this similarity is that the processes 1) and 2) above, are so similar that one could be another metaphor. For example, you could say that food processing is a " digestive work." We could also observe that the craftsman builds the vessels, such as digestive and stool built at the end of the two processes, the body 'lost' feces and the craftsman 'lost' the vessels (the sale).

The difficulty in describing and understanding this phenomenon may be an indication of why we have such difficulty in making and managing money : we produce grossed out as excrement.

Worse, the potter makes and loves what we nostalgically our stools always look before they disappear down the toilet.

Nota: O texto original em espanhol (sem tradução do Google): Semejanza entre producción y digestión.
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