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Female hormones and links

The duration of a loving bond depends exclusively heterosexual female hormones. These determine the validity or not of men.

If we could see a pair of lovers from a purely zoological point of view, we could say: "It is a female with the male she chose."

Observe your feelings when reading this definition.

It is very important for you to self-assess, to understand how emotional stability has to accept a zoological point of view on something that concerns us both, because we were once or are now integrating:

- A bride and groom, or
- Clandestine lovers who love passionately, or
- A well-matched marriage.

Therefore, when we use the word "marriage", "boyfriends" or "lovers", we are referring to a woman with the man she chose as the father of her children.

With this definition we can understand some phenomena zoological not explained to the anthropological definition. In other words, if we see ourselves as animals can understand phenomena that are not explained when we think we are not animals.

This view includes a fact that seems almost indisputable: it is the woman who chooses the man that fertilize, ie, the man does not choose and wins the woman, but he attends a call so seductive that it becomes almost inescapable.

That couple will stay together while she still secreting hormones stimuli to keep the project to continue having children.

The woman retains the desire to be a mother while her hormones do so regardless of whether the material conditions permit or not. So no matter if a woman does not menstruate: the couple can continue because she still wants to have children with the man who still prefers.

When this preference changes, the couple falls apart quickly.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Las hormonas femeninas y los vínculos.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.026)

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