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The different treatment of men and women

Women should take care of your health and appearance while the male only take care of your health at risk of death.

I always try to let go of what suits me as male. Maybe I managed away from my convenience enough to say that:

- It is women who seduce and conquer the male;

- The only mission we have is to conserve the species;

- The female is responsible for 90% of this one mission (because it is the deed and feeds during the first months);

- A single male could fertilize a thousand women per year, thus, the other 999 potential parents are dispensable.

These ideas are terrible, do not like, want that the reality was another, but may be true.

If they were true, then women should take care more than men.

It is normal that they take better care of their bodies, from the point of view of health, in order to conceive and nourish adequately to new examples, and from the aesthetic point of view, because they are the ones who choose and seduce the man who prefer to father of her children.

The function of man is clearly complementary to that other fundamental function, repeat: to conserve the species.

The complementary role would be to provide, to the wife and children of all you need to live with dignity: housing, food, shelter, protection from predators agents.

In this vision early, primary, elementary, essential, of how our species without the distortions caused by the culture, the male only take care of your health when you run a risk of death and care for their appearance would be superfluous since it will or not elected by any woman who prefers to father their children, guided by instinct and not by what he can pretend.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Los cuidados diferentes de hombres y mujeres.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.009)

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