lunes, 2 de septiembre de 2013

Religions and sciences protect us

Religions and sciences offer protection to those who fear the existence . After wisdom appears serene ignorance.

For fear of punishment,fear only ! , Humans try to understand the laws that govern us .

We want to know :

- To meet those that do not bother us ;

- To transgress those that bother us too ;

- For use in our favor when to stop bothering us , we invoke a law to tell the unbearable : " what you do is forbidden ";

- To find , in each case , how to apply the formula " every law loophole ."

In response to our talent , intelligence , imagination, tolerance for frustration , education and various preferences , we have to choose two ways to " know the laws that govern us " :

1) Science , which adhere because we like to think , research, testing, and making statistics , and

2) religion , which adhere because we do not like reasoning , research, testing, and making statistics and because we prefer the imagined reality as personally , not what others say.

Again the central concept : " try to know the laws that govern us fear ... punishment, being wrong , ill , to die. "

This allows us to assume that ignorance of the law is a state of serenity .

So: we might think that the maximum serenity is achieved when we discovered that we know nothing ?

We should not rule out the hypothesis that , in this state of serene ignorance , only comes through from one end to the whole field of knowledge.

Who , exaggerating his sagacity , aim to find before crossing the field of knowledge , are actually immature children living permanently feeling guilty and transgressors of laws ignored.

We find them at every turn : they are people who boast of great knowledge , skill, experience, intelligence , wisdom , infallibility.

Religions and sciences, protect them.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Las religiones y las ciencias nos protegen.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.009)

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