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The prohibition of doping is a game rule

The players of a sports meet standards , such as doping or bear arms in the field.

Taking advantage of the invaluable advantage that I do not know practically nothing of the profitable businesses that revolve around the most popular sporting events , ones capable of mobilizing, regularly attractive to millions of people , taking advantage of my ignorance , I repeat , I will share with you a comment it might be meritorious , especially by those who do not suffer from prejudice , which states , "He who knows, knows ."

I extend a little more in the introduction - warning to other sub -commentary might also be worthy of consideration : Who only pay attention to voices or signatures of known solvency in the subject they develop, may not know this, but in actually are religious dogmatists , ie people who do not want to take responsibility for personal decisions , that is , they prefer to blindly obey the dictates of love , because so many other people do .

So, I 'm irresponsible not be saying assure an unquestionable truth and I speak to people who themselves are responsible for analyzing the alternative ideas that come , to approve or disapprove , applying his discernment.

The anti - doping controls are a standard part of other rules of each game.

The fact that this condition is not supervised by the referee of each competition , does not prevent the intake of certain drugs is prohibited to prevent unfair competition.

In other words, some people are just good players under the effects of certain drugs , but ordinary citizens would be without this supplement .

For example , prohibiting the participation of players drunk , not because drunk is morally wrong , but because, in that game, including rules prohibiting both alcohol intake and bear arms.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La prohibición del depoje es una regla de juego más.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.032)

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