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Rich and poor Catholics Protestants

Adherents of the Protestant versions of Christianity are richer than the followers of the Catholic version of Christianity.

Probably the causes of material poverty counted in the thousands. In fact, I have identified over two thousand and I am far from solving this age-old problem.

Several times I said that Christianity is a philosophy that promotes poverty because it cult of austerity, scarcity, and to condemn the rich who do not donate all their property to the Vatican.

But material goods that Christianity seeks leave, plunging into poverty to their millions of followers, not lost.

The planetary harmony, basic feature of Nature, makes other religious worship do proposed seize property left by some Christians.

Indeed, five or six centuries ago, some Christians "protested" against the religious interpretation that was being given to the preaching of Christ and founded several groups "Protestant", one of which, created by Frenchman John Calvin in the 16th century, was particularly welcome because, among other interpretations, favored material enrichment.

I admit that I know little about religions, but I take comfort knowing that the religious not know much because they spend arguing, not agreeing.

What seems certain is that a fact, countries that today are classified as first world, prefer to practice their religious beliefs as interpreted Protestants, while Catholic interpretation has fewer adherents.

In turn, the Latin countries, suffer much higher rates of poverty, while it is among our populations we find as many Catholics.

In short, there is a striking coincidence between the wealth of those who adhere to the Protestant versions of Christianity and poverty among those who adhere to the Catholic version of Christianity.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Protestantes ricos y católicos pobres.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.010)

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