miércoles, 11 de septiembre de 2013

Sexual counseling is unnecessary

Not that the advice is totally sexual techniques more, but less essential than what they say.

It is a gesture of love to pay attention to what the spouse prefers to try to give satisfaction.

Of course, if this attitude is suggested by a marriage counselor, both effects will detract from the intention, because, strange, marriage becomes swinger therefore becomes composed of two already plus the counselor who enters the couple by the magazine, the book, the clinical session.

Not saying that all learning or seeking advice inevitably takes away spontaneity and spoils the relationship, but I need little to say.

Both the man and woman are naturally gifted to make love to participate in sex pleasantly.

Some people, of whom I am one, we assume that knowledge is a source of endless pleasure. So dedicate many hours to read, comment, write, question, stir the website experience.

Knowledge addicts want to know how the Mayans had sex, as enjoyed by the Jews, what are the customs of Muslims, what they do Eskimos, how would read a possible Guinness Book of sexuality.

But these intellectual predilections of eroticism have to be shared by people who have no other way to get the most out of life.

Most people having sex as he rolls, guided by intuition, carried away by his feelings at the time.

No need to know anatomy, or tender points, or positions, or male or female psychology. Believe me it does not. They are those who work as consultants, (of what we all know), those pushing, scared, promise, and charge.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  El asesoramiento sexual es innecesario.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.018)

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