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Healing education instead

Develop professional skills is a task of "healing" of "recycling" of "redesign" and not education.

I have not hesitated to tell them all scenarios that come to mind on how to understand and "cure" poverty pathological (scarce money that can not be overcome despite the efforts of the sufferer), because history has shown us that the ranking of the proposals is ordered

- By the fame of the proposer: if he is a Nobel laureate in economics, occupies the first place, or

- By economic expediency: if a hypothesis increases the benefits of the richest, receive more resources to advertise it and end up believing that this is the best idea, as we tend to assume that "Coca -Cola quenches thirst".

In this case, the hypothesis that I propose is the following:

Youth come to life with a number of " educational facilities " that are working and can hardly change, although they try, it is characteristic of adolescents disbelieve and, if possible, to destroy what their ancestors did.

These attempts are usually unsuccessful because young single impulses are driven by oppositionists, poorly grounded in compelling reasons. Instead of proposing new ideas, " rammed, dynamite, sabotage. The attack "blind" which strengthens them... and we all wish to improve.

If they wanted to "propose new ideas" might think that, in humans, early education is the only possible training for new learners are shaping their psychic apparatus, but professional education, one with which young people seek to earn the money needed to found new families, not training but a reformulation of psychic apparatuses were already configured in initial education.

Conclusion: Developing skills is a task of "healing" of "recycling" of "redesign" and not education.

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Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Curación en vez de educación.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.002)

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