martes, 24 de septiembre de 2013

The unscrupulous and sacred custom of haggling

Haggling is both a terrible habit of unscrupulous traders, as a sacred practice that would be in bad taste to avoid.

I trader for many years and, I confess, I can not stand people who try to haggle.

Although, like any madman, I think the king of equanimity, weighting and emotional balance, I feel like kicking oust whoever dares ask price reduction so judiciously that I put my goods.

The corrosive indignation is based on the reasoning that if I downgraded a single penny to the price that I charge the buyer, would show that, but for their timely management, I would have stayed with that weight I was willing to give.

Granting a rebate is a betrayal, is a confession that I have bad intentions and warrant that my clients should be on guard when dealing with me.

While the joy of the buyer can get to anesthetize his lucidity, when regains consciousness would have to realize that I wanted to scam you, cheat you, your attitude verbally confident and respectful.

Make a cut in the price is to recognize that this was set improperly, capricious, careless, unprofessional, trying to prey on the most confident, shy, shameful, serene.

All discount notes, without confusion, that the seller is a crook, a criminal, a bad person, worthy of their businesses fail many times, until you have to engage in other activity where you have no chance to practice their evil intentions.

However, for many people, haggling is sacred.

They who once could speak Arabic prophet Allah and this gave the order that the people pray 50 times per day. Thanks to the prophet's dribbling ability, currently only pray 5 times.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La costumbre inescrupulosa y sagrada de regatear
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.012)

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