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Money is a frightening mystery

Since money is a commodity that can be exchanged for any other, we are afraid because we do not know what exactly.

Imagine that a neighbor recommends another hiring a house painter.

- I give Gonzalo phone. I recommend it because it really works well, is punctual and can give you the keys to your house and go, it is absolutely reliable.

- Have you any idea how much they charge per day? -, See the man who needs to hire a painter.

- Oh, pay him with anything.

Now you and I we dialogue. What can we think of someone who charges anything? What so weird to make a living is this?

The situation quickly becomes clear when we understand that money is a commodity that can be exchanged for "anything".

The answer "Oh, pay him with anything." Is very confusing, but correct, because money is equivalent to "anything".

To understand this pose is particularly necessary to take into account that the human understanding is only possible as we abandon rationality, as we think without becoming attached to consistency.

Now continue thinking about this strange equality "money" and "anything".

What usually happens when any human being is affected by something that does not know what it is?

99% of the time, when we are affected by something unknown, we imagine that the "something" is threatening, dangerous, worthy of suspicion. The 99% of the time will think the worst of what affects us and do not know what is.

If money is "anything" then do not know what exactly and, as we are affected by money as we need it to buy supplies, it is conceivable that many people think the worst of money and, therefore, it reject.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  El dinero es un misterio atemorizante.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.016)

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