miércoles, 4 de septiembre de 2013

Where is the time we release the technology

Recall the essential fact: our species is not endangered. We are seven billion human beings: we need no more.

To be understanding and tolerant need to have sufficient time and energy.

Parents usually serene little stressed parents with vital availability to tolerate the immaturity of their children under 40, who do not stop to ask questions, disassemble objects then not know how to put together, that countless times demonstrate the weakness of the materials, without realizing that the vases, cups, glasses, are fragile, that's great-grandmother's jewels are to adorn the dog who goes out trees and other dogs.

Therefore, to be understanding and tolerant need valuable resources ... so scarce valuable.

However, something is happening that could change this state of affairs.

For at least thirty years, technology has taken to inventing tools, solutions, devices that do work that previously only humans could do, and manufacturing techniques and marketing have taken to sell at prices increasingly accessible.

Where is the time and energy that we have released these advances in the sciences (technology and economy)? Do you know what he thinks, but I do not think we're devoting to have more patience, tolerance and understanding with our neighbors less similar (children, our children, our teens).

I think that saving time and energy with these advances we are allocating the, almost entirely, to live better, to raise our quality of life, just to practice more entertainment and more fun.

Recall the essential fact: our species is not endangered. We are seven billion humans. For now, do not need more.

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Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Dónde está el tiempo que nos libera la tecnología.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.011)

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