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Invisible Cost of preventive medicine

Preventive medicine has a cost invisible makes us fearful and subject to the economic interests of the medical profession.

Lying is not only the responsibility of lying but who, perhaps inadvertently, others are forbidden to be told the truth.

People who maintain their mental balance at the cost of denying some facts of reality, they have no choice, they can not help, they are effectively forced to not see, do not look, do not hear, what hurt them, the unbalance, they would lose mental health.

This mental health losing is not so well. Rather it is an exaggeration indirectly stimulated by the drug. The intense anxiety scares us and the content of that fear is usually the madness, the irreversible loss of sanity.

In fact, no one can go mad by worst that goes, if you do not have the predisposition to psychosis... however, the drug induces this mistake and, for example, every time we consulted a doctor, whether to ask where we can buy bread, he will take your blood pressure,... because if this were high and the consultant (for the bakery) had any aneurysm (abnormal thinning of some sector of the vascular system), you might have a stroke with serious consequences, but beware: you have to have a circulatory system failure, if it was not, could be dispensed to take the pressure everyone who asks anything a doctor.

Preventers policies squander huge amounts of funds to create the feeling of it being controlled by medicine is smart, avoid serious damage and " costs nothing ".

" Do not cost anything ? " Yes, it has a significant cost. It makes us very fearful and makes us dependent on supervision (medical) that will guide us as YOUR convenience.

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Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Costo invisible de la medicina preventiva.
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