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Strategy to build a personality

Make believe ( dramatize ) that have certain attributes ( bravery , honesty , danger ) , finish installing them indirectly those attributes , which at first only dramatized.

Be aware , vigilant, subject to the " what will they say ," is to be expected in people because when we were very young , vulnerable and dependent on the mood of our caregivers (usually parents, staff, teachers ) , we had to pay special attention to the instability emotional these characters , so important to our existence.

If you were raised with the left foot , our survival instinct did his best to become invisible . The booms appeared when these idols stood on the right foot .

From an early age had to be vigilant, alert, awake , because adults are the gods of small infants and the Gods are the gods of adult infants .

But our acting ability , that is, our ability to lie, cheat, imagined parallel realities, allowed us to draw some beneficial strategies .

Note that because could happen or you can watch someone close .

There is a strategy that depends on four simple steps :

1 ) Treatment of adults believe them , by dint of a certain speech act, dissemble, pretend, that, for example , I'm brave . For that I have to say , 'I am brave ', ' I have no fear , "" my brother is a coward and I do not ', I'll have to show me bold , not shy talking to strangers , going to the dentist alone , across the street with the red signal light ;

2nd) I'll wait , shown my performance , I become famous and many think I'm really brave , fearless ;

3 º ) I forget that I was acting , making the brave , hiding her terror ;

4 º ) In finding that others think I'm brave , and as I am sensitive to " what people say ", to thrust , but also because of embarrassment , I will act boldly , as if it were actually bold.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Estrategia para construir una personalidad.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.008)

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