jueves, 5 de septiembre de 2013

The disqualification of the black race

Disqualify and mistreat because his dark skin African descent symbolizes mysterious and ignored everything that frightens us.

Can you imagine a Bedouin in the Sahara Desert (Africa), at night, no moon, who was dropped in the sand an object very precious to him, let us say, a ring-, and desperately tries to find using only a flashlight?

Oh, forgot to tell: The Bedouin was not sure where you dropped the ring.

Imitating a bartender who prepares his cocktails guided by the inspiration of the moment, let us remember that:

- We say that Africa is the "black continent";

- Remember also that man afraid of the dark for several years of his childhood and, sometimes, for several years of adulthood;

- Add that, when we discover something important, we say that, on that subject, "there was light";

- Very intuitive for say they are "enlightened";

- Let's not overlook that for most humans, the black race is inferior to the white and yellow. Moreover, some blacks agree.

With these inputs, many of you will be able to find some logic to the following reflections:

a) Humans depend mainly on the sense of sight;

b) When we know how scary, we cease to be afraid;

c) We are relieved enough to have some explanation of why we anguish that both can be a magical explanation (religious) and rational (scientific);

d) When we calm explanation distress or, conversely, to us increases, disqualify, the devalue;

e) All that makes us fear belongs to the "black continent" (dark, unknown, mysterious).

Conclusion: Blacks (Africans) are considered inferior because we need to disqualify thing that threatens us and they represent our fears.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  La descalificación de la raza negra.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.012)

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