domingo, 2 de marzo de 2014

Christian poverty observed by an atheist

Christians will they be helping the poor when encouraged to remember that Jesus gave up his riches? Should not it also remind you that Jesus was a supernatural, omnipotent and immortal being, very different from the poor humans?

Often Christians flagelen self incriminating for not having come to understand the logic of God, and precisely this is the most reasonable part that characterizes them.

Faith and logic functions that are contradictory, but may be present in the same individuals precisely because humans are contradictory, ambivalent and inconsistent.

With these statements I'm not adjetivando anything good or bad Christians. If they consider that my judgments are offensive, then they should think that they are criticizing their own brothers in faith.

In a capitalist world is even more incoherent deploy the Christian faith. This socio-economic context requires greater effort contradiction.

However, this effort is humanly possible because many Christians have large fortunes and still being able to enrich permanently, still attend Mass, practice fasting, prayer, baptism, religious marriage and other obligatory rites.

Cursa March 2014 Catholics live their faith in Lent. So reflect more often hear the words of the Pope and strengthen their faith while reinforcing the inevitable contradiction.

Exemplified recurring actions and sayings of Jesus, without mentioning that he knew provided with powers assigned by God. What would any human being who knew provided that infinite power? Is it possible to try to emulate a being who did everything he did because he knew immortal? Can we not think that we humans seem so imperfect only because we compare ourselves with an impossible model to imitate?

Those who are poor, because in that state are found due to the logic of the capitalist market, would you be struggling to progress economically attractive or choose to imagine as powerful as Jesus?

Religious still advise that mimic a supernatural being, are making an honest preaching, responsible for 'good parent'? or, on the contrary, they are justifying the already poor do nothing to solve their material needs?

Atheists are people who do not understand as Christians understand themselves, but offer the advantage of observing more objectively. From the outside you see things that are not seen from the inside.

Admítanme a metaphor: The fish never know they are wet, those that are not fish, we know that they are wet.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La pobreza cristiana observada por un ateo.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.138)

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