lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

Rich draw toxic surplus

In countries with very rich soil and subsoil, people somehow generate huge accumulations of wealth whose natural goal might be to remove toxic surpluses for better human development of the population appear.

While recognizing that this idea is too uncomfortable, perhaps rare, possibly also extravagant, it is worth mentioning that some may accept it as credible.

Childbirth in a premise that humans can live and survive in almost any part of the world where there is sufficient oxygen, without prejudice which some places are more suitable than others.

Contrary to classical thought, in this article I propose to think that excessive wealth is so counterproductive to good human development, such as excessive shortages.

For this reason we find that, as poor as those in Switzerland, Israel and Japan territories are inhabited by people of high performance and almost free from the socio-economic poverty, while not as rich territories such as Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina, are inhabited by persons of low performance, almost mired in socio-economic poverty.

An exception could find in the territory and the population of the United States. In this case it might be thought that this rich landscape arrived European immigrants, who did not leave the willingness to overcome limitations such as poor soil which had to leave. Hence, hard-working people in a rich soil, would result in a particularly powerful country.

If these considerations were we accepted we could go a little further and think that, in countries where the soil and subsoil are excessively lavish, citizens who unwittingly attempt to regulate the impoverishing, toxic, capable richness annular development unfold human.

In short, in the very rich territories often arise that enrich citizens (through labor, corruption, or whatever) as a way to regulate the excesses of power and resources that inhibit the development of most human.

I do not think those rich get rich doing good for someone, but their way of accumulating assets is caused by a natural phenomenon that no one comes to understand, much less handle.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Los ricos retiran excedentes tóxicos.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.146)

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