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Frustrating enough Territory

What we can know of a good mother-child relationship could apply to imagine what should be a good relationship between the potential of each territory and the expected development of its inhabitants.

The relationship between mother and child is random, casual, depends on luck : both can be excellent as a regular or outright bad. Perhaps the same woman works well with one child and another bad. It depends on both, the fate of both.

Perhaps, similarly, some people can thrive on a certain territory and other more cost them.

Forcing some words, the biological mother and Mother Earth (the place where we were born), have similarities.

When all is well with our mom in the flesh, we will address it immediately, or let us mourn for a while, or let us mourn for long.

When all is well with where we were born, we will have everything at hand and that will make us very prosperous or, have everything to hand adopt a laissez faire approach. For most people, a very protective mother and a too generous territory, stunted development.

Is there any fair measure, for each child for each mother for each child's age, wealth or land for each poverty. This just as no one knows a priori, but is assumed to exist when the final results are satisfactory.

Donald Winnicott (1) was a British psychoanalyst who devoted almost all his work to study the relationship between mother and child. Would not surprise me if we work hard enough, we could understand that their studies are an appropriate metaphor for how the relationship between citizens and the territory they inhabit. Perhaps this man, unwittingly, we studied how humans develop according to the wealth or poverty of the area where we grow.

Overall, one can say that we humans frustrations tone more satisfactions. When we have no choice but to face some challenges to survive, our capabilities and resistance develops, becoming good adult fish (realistic, disciplined, persevering, caring, daring, mature, responsible, ethical). When we have everything at hand and survive no effort or risk involved, our capabilities and do not develop resistance and become weak adult fish (indolent, imaginative, anarchic, tardy, slow, corrupt, unstable, dependent beggars, plaintiffs, immature).

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Territorio suficientemente frustrador.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.147)

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