domingo, 23 de marzo de 2014

Uninstalling software

It is increasingly difficult to act illegally and also offenders who are caught more easily.

We're better than what we seem, but the market economy forces us to be worse for having to buy unnecessary advice.

We are all in cahoots to force us to be so insecure that we should see all we have to do.

Not only do we give work to many people but we also denounce, as in a regime where individual freedoms are severely cut.

Humans are born with instincts and fairly complete alone could make do without having to consult on matters of health, administrative, ethical, legal, labor, marriage, power, sexuality, pregnancy, and other important life issue.

We are good citizens if we have enough insecurity as to not feel able to solve our problems by ourselves, thinking, studying, risking try imagining the solutions we obtain, reasoning, rehearsing.

This works well, not only to give employment to thousands of specialists have to make a living, but something more sinister.

Indeed, if we were able to resolve our problems would be people we would know very little.

For example, every question that we make in this technical generates several questions (clarifications, extensions, confirmatory), which expose us to a near police interrogation. If you have information to hide, avoid problems that may require you to consult us because we know that the consultation may ask questions that are not willing to answer.

Therefore, not only give a lot of information when our purchases are paid with credit cards, but we are also sharing our life and work with all to retrieve up to the smallest thing.

In other words: if we are insecure people, morally and culturally obliged to consult others on how to do, solve, understand, know, we're having a very transparent existence. Those who intend to act illegally they will find difficult obstacle to circumvent this: always be leaving traces of our footsteps, be they legal or illegal

Someone may say, we now have the Internet and many of our questions find answers anywhere. Well, what we retrieve is also registered on the Internet, on our computer and servers.

In short: it is increasingly difficult to act illegally, and who also commit crimes are more easily caught.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La desinstalación de software.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.157)

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