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Erotica Language

The male is the default gender in our language is because the protest claim is erotic women, whereas if the claim out of the men would be destructive.

This article takes up, from another point of view, an issue that was already mentioned in previous text and video (1).

Here I try to share an explanation of why our Castilian language there is some male privilege, a feature which technically is called unmarked male gender.

Just as computer programs find that some options are selected by default, in our language, something similar happens with gender.

In Word, for example, the default font letter Normal, but there are also options for italics, bold, or both combined. When we do an express configuration, the program uses the letter Normal.

In our language, we can say the kids even when we are referring to an integrated group for children.

It is common for women to feel uncomfortable by this discrimination seems to disregard them. Therefore, some political demagogues well, forcing the language, to refer to a mixed group of children, say the children, with the Castilian indicates that it is correct to say the children to indicate the inclusion of both sexes.

The cause, the origin of this apparent injustice that puts the female in second place, could be the following :

To stimulate fertilization between human, positive one, diffuse, constant disagreement generic woman, that stimulates to annoy, irritate, complain to the man she has chosen to father her children. If she is upset (for example, feeling displaced linguistically) bother you, excite you sexually, he will try to calm her to stop bothering him, and, after copulation, the link back to its best condition, but with a pregnant woman to assist in the conservation of the species.

In short, the arbitrary choice as male gender unlabeled allows them sexually excite the male species and ensure its preservation. If, on the contrary, gender outside unlabeled female, the male reaction protest would not exactly erotic, but violent, destructive, annihilating the species.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Erotismo lingüístico.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.167)

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