jueves, 13 de marzo de 2014

The Catholic Church is a union

The preaching poverty for the Catholic Church doing favors employers directly, as have workers whose salary expectations are more moderate.

In a capitalist society we have unions that unite the workers to negotiate more balanced with employers and unions have religious subtly paid by the employers, the workers are linked to convince them that being rich is against God's wishes.

Contemptuously, unions more militant and committed to the interests of the working class laborers called yellow unions to which clandestinely say they identify with the interests of workers but in fact do the same religions, ie reinforcing even the bargaining power of employers.

The Catholic Christian union applauds and glorifies the pain of poverty. It also tells the rich who want to earn heaven, that alms painless lacks the penitential dimension should have. Alms with what is left does not accumulate heavenly points. This pain message to the rich who could work with the poor seems rather a tip for not cooperating.

This comparison I make with yellow unions (also called vertical) is encouraged by my distrust of the real intentions of Catholic leaders and leaders of the yellow unions.

My suspicion goes so far assume that the obscene wealth that has the Catholic Church could not have formed with the alms of the poor but with donations from wealthy Pharaoh who somehow give back the help from the pulpits, receive from priests when the sermons discourage the fight for better wages.

In fact nothing has changed and this gives us the pattern that society is healthy. Wealthy businessmen, poor workers, labor unions, and religious and yellow employers unions, form a dynamic set of actors that keeps our capitalist society with reasonable health.

In short, anything have to change if everyone in one way or another, they concur. In any case this article would be a simple description of how some events occur that are not usually explicit.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La Iglesia Católica es un sindicato.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.149)

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