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Love and misspellings

Compliance with the orthographic rules may be people who may also meet other standards: punctuality, traffic behavior, respect. Therefore, at the failure of spelling rules we think that there are other breaches.

Humans are consistent. Maybe I can say that all living beings are consistent... because consistency is nothing but the harmony between different biological functions, without which life would be impossible.

Therefore, humans are always consistent while we are alive. We die just because we lose coherence, harmony, functional affinity.

It is thanks to this consistency we can draw some conclusions from certain data. The following example is the central theme of this article.

When someone has pointed out many misspellings can think of is careless, forgetful, rebellious, ignorant transgressor.

Grammar is the set of rules governing our language. This works as collectively we can meet some laws. If each act independently of the other speakers could not get along with others, would be solitary, isolated.

This isolation can be painful or pleasurable. Although we are social animals, gregarious, natural members of groups, families, affiliations, religions, nations, sometimes we need or prefer to be alone, away from the pack.

In this case we say that we loneliness is caused by narcissism, ie, a special love for himself, reinforced by the special disregard all others.

Therefore, in human relationships, but can write and make us understand considering only the phonetic words, respect the spelling suggests that person, since it is consistent, most likely also be outgoing, supports the rules of coexistence, respect for others, the note, can love them, be punctual to arrive on time for appointments and paying bills, most likely also to respect the traffic regulations of streets and highways, be reliable because say what they think, know to behave appropriately in different situations: travel, parties, work, study.

These few examples allow us to understand why, if someone fails to respect spelling rules, is reporting a significant variety of deficiencies in the development of his personality, which go far beyond that little detail to include a letter h but not sound, correctly or choose letters c, s, x or z, but sounds about the same cause.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El amor y las faltas de ortografía.

 (Este es el Artículo Nº 2.159)

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