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Human livestock

Slavery, trafficking, marriages of convenience, gradually into disuse, now add the early recruitment of children that promise great sports performances.

The exploitation of man by man is not a concept condemned by Karl Marx, useful only to denounce unfair labor relations between employers and employees.

In this video and article I comment what ever happens less in Latin America : the negotiation in which parents demand their daughter's boyfriend some financial reward as a condition for marriage.

While it is true that women are the ones who choose who will be the father of her children, things do not always. Many times they have to settle for someone else who always wanted (read: they loved), either because he was engaged to someone else, or because the parents of one or other objected strenuously, or because there was another interested in the young made a financial offer that she could not despise, pressured by her family.

These phenomena of commercial nature take us back to the slave trade, trafficking in white or foreigners. Humans can be considered inventories (exchangeable for money) or assets (used to work). In both cases, function as goods or livestock.

Although many are shocked by this outrageous situation, they may not be aware of the double standard they have. Indeed, if a woman has no right to abort her body then, explicitly, does not belong. This and slavery are almost the same.

While our diverse marketplace these practices are losing ground is not the case with the signing of contracts in which parents sell the rights to a contractor for sport use his little son, who was born with a gift of being unconcealed in the future, a great player, able to generate for its owners huge profits.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Ganadería humana.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.163)

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