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Tardiness and poverty

Given the noticeable similarities between money and time, it is likely that the tardy people are poor because of their disability to manage such like.

Time and money have some kinship.

Some say that one is the clone of the other. Maybe money is a clone of the time.

Others say differently. For example: "Time is money" and thus the match, do not differ. Maybe consider that money is synonymous with time.

Those who think that time and money are synonymous, could exclaim, for example: "Hello, George, how much money (time) has passed no see". Another might claim: "George, when will you pay me time (money) you owe me?"

Would not surprise me that someone has already conducted a census to determine how many people are also tardy poor. It would be logical that people who do not know the value of time also unaware of the value of money. How anyone can manage something (time or money) than it has no notion of what it's worth?

Note that, for example, when someone loses time knows that will never be recovered. It seems incredible, but it's true: there is no way to recover the time.

And what about the money, so like the time? Is it possible to lose money and then get it back? Yes, it is possible, but in very special cases.

When we lose money we can recall finding the money back or finding another had lost. We can also recover lost money if we receive a prize lottery or an inheritance or gift. But if we lose money and we have to get it back working things change.

Note that the money is actually working time: working for an hour and who received us pay our effort. Dimos work and give us money, ie, we did a barter work for money. This means that money is actually working time, something very similar to what I said earlier: "Time is money".

He who loses money is losing time. Therefore it is irrecoverable losing two things: time and time worked.

In short: it is likely that people who are not managing your time managing your money not know. If not already poor may come to be, sooner or later.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La impuntualidad y la pobreza.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.137)

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