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Spouses and siblings

Jealousy that break caused by marital infidelity are so destructive because they result from the accumulation of jealousy that we could not express to our younger brothers, and those that are generated in the marriage relationship.

Why jealousy can get to inspire homicidal desires between spouses? A possible short answer is: By scrolling.

Jealousy may be a kind of emotional hunger. We need to be loved, especially by those who most need. The initial model is the mother. We need a mom when just born, and then again and then too, although she is replaced by someone else.

Usually men want Mom to be replaced by another woman, but if we want the substitute gay is male. Generally women want mom to be replaced by a male, but if they are lesbians want the replacement is female.

When we are younger, more vulnerable and needy mom, the birth of a sibling equals a banishment penalty imposed by the Greeks to the worst criminals and traitors.

What a child feels when a brother is born is impossible to describe, among other reasons because the verbal capital sufferer is particularly small, but mostly because the passion killer floods every emotional corner with a wave of lava.

However, the tragedy worse, because adults who should love and protect the small, rather than understand, pamper, encourage, recognize through the ordeal is happening, are dedicated to relativize the reason for suffering. I encourage him that will now have a little brother to play with and other nonsense, unacceptable for anyone and many more unacceptable to the child who suffers the threatened invasion.

The phenomenon is repeated, with nuances, when our spouse (surrogate mom) reports also pleased that having sex with others. However, this history repeating itself suffers from a fatal variant: those who hear the situation, do not come to tell us that we will now have a loving our spouse to go see football, that encourage us to kill him and her when they are together, or we kill him alone, or we kill her.

In short, we must accept that our parents fill of children, but we should not accept that our spouse is full of lovers.

Younger siblings are as insufferable as lovers of our spouse, but we can not protest the brothers together then hate that inspire us both. That's why the jealousy of marital infidelity are disproportionately destructive.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Cónyuges y hermanos menores.

 (Este es el Artículo Nº 2.177)

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