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Mind consists of bone tissue

Perhaps her mind is as rigid as the skull that contains it.

In two articles published (1), I would say my hypothesis that our psyche does not accept any idea. Just to ease my explanation, I appealed to compare ideas with shoes, while some other are not easily interchangeable between different people.

We tend to imagine that everything we think, we affirm as true, it has come to our mind through a rigorous selection process fair. We believe that everything we say as valid has passed various quality checks, led by our reasoning.

Not so. Moreover, if we try to report on how we came to decide that such a religion is the best, or that such vehicle brand is excellent, or that such sports picture is the only acceptable because everyone else does not have the merits of our chosen and if we were to base those decisions, again, we could not.

I'll tell you something of our Uruguayan family.

For several years we have chosen as president of the republic to an ex-guerrilla (José Mujica), whose physical appearance, their dress, to talk, to fit, to represent all before international organizations leaves much to be desired.

Many of his opponents (Uruguayan and foreign), believe that "the truth can blend with good taste". Ie: the slovenliness of his person strongly disqualifies its management and speeches. Although the international press does not speak well for him, in the interior of our country deny the good ideas and good governance, among other reasons, because it clashes with the taste.

This story tries to show how our resistance to certain ideas is irrational, though we strive to justify the rejection pseudo reasoning and unable to recognize that our mind can not accept certain proposals, as well as being unable to leave others.

Perhaps her mind is as rigid as the skull that contains it.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  La mente está constituida por tejido óseo.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.166)

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