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Material and psychological realities

Inhibition is huge that we suffer because of an adverse psychological reality.

In the video associated with this article I use the example of the tragedy suffered by children when a brother who comes to invade the territory imagined itself and, worse, is born to share the love of parents and older siblings.

Humans understand that love is as indivisible as a rock. We imagine that if someone has that piece of rock, no one else can have it. It happens with a piece of rock with a toy, with the bed, with clothes, with spouse assume that if someone gives you love, one and indivisible imagination, a person, no one else can get the same love.

Of course this definition of love is not explain how it is possible to love more children, several friends, both parents.

The fact is that humans were wrong: we may want several people at once, without being prejudiced by each other. We can love one or a ten without that decrease the amount of love she receives the only or one of the ten.

But the core of the issue lies elsewhere.

When we imagine our life would be terrible if a brother was born, we suffer every hardship imaginable. For example, imagine 28 possible misfortunes (which we invade the bedroom which steal our toys, we all want him more than us, that is very strong and we were punished, and that 's a murderer kills us, it is devilish and curse us, and thousands more threats). That's the psychological reality: tantalizing because it contains the amount of misfortunes that imagination can create.

Conversely, when a brother is born we have a unique reality we saved the other 27 we have imagined without this birth.

Then reality, however difficult, is less painful than the anxious expectation, because this suffering includes many more cases and even more serious than the events that actually occur.

Nota: O texto original em espanhol (sem tradução do Google): Realidades materiales y psicológicas.

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