martes, 4 de marzo de 2014

No disease should be beneficial

When our children get sick we should help them not found in any secondary diseases encourage benefit expected to be chronically ill for the rest of their lives.

The Chinese say that in every crisis possibilities emerge.

Given that they are brain- 1.351.000.000 and considering they have served more than five thousand years as a culture, I would be inclined to think that they are right in every crisis new possibilities arise.

When our children get sick we entered into a multicolored, seismic, anxiogenic, thrilling, agonizing crisis upset. Very annoying.

This video tries to say something different from what are often the most popular reactions to these so frequent and unavoidable crisis.

The core of my idea aims to highlight that if a child, who loves more than anyone in the world to have power and be president of the planet, he finds that getting sick parents weaklings, obedient, humble, atenciosos, sycophants, permissive, become able to beg the little sick boy king who heals soon, for which they are willing to humble himself and give Pharaoh offerings, if that monarch, again, they discover that password, get sick every time you need the password to get to the supreme power and overthrow adults kings.

Thus, we should not miss in household practices the following slogan: a disease may not have any benefit. The crisis gives us the opportunity to practice realism, discipline, common sense, rationality.

A sick child can not allow him to eat what you want, or take cold, and do everything that hinders healing, and with the same criteria, we need to avoid the most serious consequences, ie that its head is installed the belief that getting sick is something useful, convenient, profitable.

If a child reaches adulthood convinced that getting sick is wonderful, will be chronically ill.

In short, in addition to usual care, it is imperative that new generations to avoid getting sick, who will never think it's funny, or desirable, or good business, not a foolproof strategy to dominate others. If you develop this belief, he offered that opportunity the crisis (sick) have been totally counterproductive for its future.

Nota: O texto original em espanhol (sem tradução do Google): Ninguna enfermedad debe ser beneficiosa.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.158)

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