jueves, 6 de marzo de 2014

Things to do with what they know about us

The discomfort caused by the amount of information held by our governments and suppliers, are due to a youthful and fun fantasy.

Much of our education comes from movies, novels, gossip, television, radio, older siblings, comics. We also learn some interesting things (few) of the Education System.

None of the above sources of knowledge, invading our privacy or eagerly went to look is perfect and taught us some indisputable truth. All we were providing information, examples, experiences, ideas, tips, hints, impositions, which ended with arming our behavior, our philosophy, our world configuration.

We have learned that the great characters have secrets. Heroes Baticuevas live in, or in the jungle (Tarzan), or hidden behind a split personality (Superman), or in hiding though licensed to kill (James Bond).

We have learned from our own deduction, that great characters to dress up would be good to have a secret life. We deduced that transparency erodes our prestige, while anonymity and opacity make us great dark, frightening, admirable.

It is for this set of circumstances of our existence that, for many people, it is very annoying to know that governments, suppliers and adminsitradores credit card, know about us more than we can know of Batman, Robin, Tarzan, James Bond.

Objectively, it is not problematic preocupanate or have a transparent life, at least for those who live within the law and order. Itself is problematic for those who comply with the basic rules of coexistence is difficult or impossible.

The fact is that most, who took one away from all that there should be no light, in secret, with gloves that hide our fingerprints, it is good that the bad citizens have nowhere to hide their misdeeds and it is good providers know what really prefer to devote themselves to manufacture a larger quantity at a lower price.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Qué hacen con lo que saben de nosotros.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.142)

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