martes, 25 de marzo de 2014

The inclination of the body

The advantage of carefully observing the behavior of others is to realize that we are not as bad as we tend to believe, that always do the best they can and, in any case, we have difficulty understanding them.

There are people who claim divine thought, though you might not guess anything but be a little more observant than most.

In the video I commented how there are gestures, postures and forms of speech that communicate much more than we usually grasp.

We are true statements: our actions are expressed, posture, tone of voice, the chain of words, phonetic words, silences, hand movements, blinking, what our feet when walking.

There are many stories bordering with magic, you are told about the powers of observation and deductive power of some people.

When Freud invented psychoanalysis, raged the adventures of detective Sherlock Holmes. Would not surprise me that this researcher fiction, with his shrewd mind, inquisitive, insightful, very suspicious of the obvious, is impregnated neurons Restless first psychoanalyst.

In the video I suggest you do not try to change the spontaneous gestures guided by the desire to achieve better social outcomes. I never tire of repeating that the proactive slogan "Will is power" is a real trap for naive or foolish.

There is an avid recipe that allow them to manipulate others public. It is the vice of getting power either way. Power is magnetic, exciting, sweet, hypnotic, but almost unreal. 99% of us who are fascinated with the power they have are fictional characters or real people that cook their biographies to pretend they do not really have (power).

Leaving aside that desire to rule over others, it is fun to understand and be understood, just understand. If this happens, if we all realize why people do the best they can, but most of the time we do not manage to understand, there we will find our benefit: a better view of the other individuals of the species.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La inclinación del cuerpo.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.178)

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