martes, 4 de marzo de 2014

We are all intuitive

We are all intuitive and effective skill will have this if we pay attention to the totality of what we want to know and, above all, if we accept calmly the possibility of making a mistake.

Intuition exists at all just that some are more developed than the other. Moreover: some dare to trust this way of understanding and solving, skipping the process of collecting information, sort, analyze carefully, study it, razonarla to finally reach a conclusion, decide and act.

Practice is essential. If in our lifetime accustomed give in to this intuition tend to develop and gain confidence, confidence, effectiveness.

In the video I will give the example of how to decide an order in which we should make a larger than normal outlay of money.

If we are to buy, say, a refrigerator, we can consider the reputation of whoever sells, years of commercial experience in the area where it is installed, its inevitable need to know to buy for your customers not impair the goods they buy.

Not only the trader needs to be very careful on what products sells to retain their prestige and their customers, you should also do something like the manufacturer or importer of such goods. Who, in this case, production (or in the country represents a particular foreign brand) refrigerators, take care of your good name because it takes to install it on the market as something reliable for many years, especially now that social networks broadcast the bad experiences "friends" to avenge the hurt trader and indirectly, to prevent others from harm.

As we see the development of intuition is nothing to have a global notion of each phenomenon, for example, the interests of the manufacturer, importer, seller, the actions of social networks and their own feelings about how they are good fabrics, good people, good merchants, good vehicles, good refrigerators.

The development of this global vision, intuition essential to work, we must add the most valuable asset: the reassurance that we are allowed to make mistakes. If we buy something inconvenient, if we make a bad spending our money, this is as far as any human being can happen.

In other words, we decide better if we are confident that we can make mistakes and if we do decide to worse under the threat of our own recriminations.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Cómo elegir qué comprar.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.140)

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