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Feelings in the supermarket

Some say that you buy in supermarkets cheaper. What actually happens is that if you have fun with at least three different stimuli presented in this article.

Humans have assured entertainment curious until we die. The curious little humans may tend to get bored.

One of the biggest unknowns refers to the desire and this is so difficult to understand precisely because our investigation activity is powered by it. It happens the same thing would happen to an engine know about engines try.

This video and article refer to how large supermarkets and convenience stores found by pure trial and error, an exciting form of marketing that has made humans we buy in one place until we do not need.

It's exhilarating feeling of abundance that we exhibit. Maybe something was the biblical paradise. As this is a literary work, written by a novelist very advanced for its time, now you copy the idea and offer an ideal location, with constant and perfect temperature, where the notion of time is wasted, with lively music, with permission to touch everything, look at it, smell it, read it, as a foretaste of what will surely be the ultimate act of empowerment, that is, the act of purchasing.

It is also stimulating the sense of power felt with all those goods that appear to belong to us. Maybe a feudal lord, to explore the lands of his domain, we felt like now in a supermarket. Maybe the supermarket is, for each client, the pantry of the castle, to which we will go down to take what the appetite, curiosity, fantasy, whim, demand.

Not long ago (2014 courses), are watched on television in some cities in our Americas, looting supermarkets occurred. The scenes were amazing : ordinary people running down the street clutching a TV, small appliances, to bottles. The predatory characteristic of our species quest, released circumstantially, resulted in these people, common like us, fell into a frenzy of empowerment, feverish, unusual. These facts allow us to assume that every day, all customers are tempted to steal some of the objects that seem lost in an obscene abundance.

So we play we are millionaires or kings, or lords, or thieves, snatchers, muggers, robbers, pirates. At the end of each game, judiciously spent by the cash there to make the real value of the goods plus the cost they charge us for having used the supermarket and amusement park.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Sentimientos en el supermercado.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.180)

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