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Fertile and infertile, neighboring land

The coexistence of natives indolent industrious immigrants may be conflicting by different attitude towards life who knows the challenges and who does not know them.

We know that the territories can be very different despite being relatively close. For example, a fertile land can be next to a mountain 100 % unproductive.

Now imagine that the mountainous area and the grassland area, belong to different peoples. Coincidentally, the border that separates leaves from one side to another infertile mountain side land suitable for any crop.

It is clear that both peoples have very different life conditions. We might anticipate that the people living on the mountain will have to be more resourceful, hardworking, disciplined, thrifty, caring and modernized than the other, you live where livelihoods can depend on out to collect fruit every time you feel hungry.

However, if these people belonged to the same country, if both geographical areas they were not separated by a border, the situation would be different. Perhaps the mountain would be uninhabited and all would gather in the fertile lands to enjoy the benefits of the land.

This set of people moved from the mountain to the valley, and not have to work as hard or be smart or disciplined, or thrifty, not caring, not tech.

There would be another important change: like all human beings are different in many features, but mainly in our feelings, desires and intentions, we are certain that the inhabitants of the valley would have all the same assets: foreign (ex-Highlanders) have more wealth the natives, they would feel uncomfortable with foreign-rich and that would lead to social conflict between poor (native) and rich (immigrants).

In the first situation, when people belonging to different jurisdictions, we had no social conflict because, in any case, would trade both peoples, have diplomatic relations, but there were no conflicts of envy. Farmers should probably import many goods from the most sophisticated mountain and this, to some extent, balance the quality of life of both peoples.

As we see, belong to the same people, the same family integration, creates conflicts, whereas the separation increases the chances of better relations within each village, good trade relations between the two groups, and a decrease in conflicts caused by inequalities in the distribution of wealth.

According to this hypothesis, the most fertile area would be exposed to less fertile area social problems. Jealousy, envy, the more time and energy available that allow a territory that is not present great challenges, are contributing factors alone, explosives discomforts.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Tierras fértiles e infértiles, vecinas.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.148)

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