domingo, 30 de marzo de 2014

Effective sexual postmenopausal

Fertilization results from the combination of several factors. When any of these are, temporarily or permanently, absent such fertilization can not occur, but other functions can be maintained for the rest of life.

It is legitimate to assume that adding the knowledge of humanity, we know all we need to know.

If we look at what has happened over the centuries we find that we always had the feeling that we knew it needed, though centuries later we went finding many new insights emerged and had to make many adjustments to what used to be considered true.

Human reproduction may occur by the fortuitous coincidence of several factors, which are not always present.

For example, some of these factors are: the presence of sperm in the fallopian tubes, the existence of a mature egg ready to be fertilized, the recent formation of the endometrium that enables eventual nesting of a fertilized egg, the movement of several hormones into the bloodstream of the mother and probably many other factors, known and unknown to modern science.

That fortuitous coincidence of several factors mean that chance determines the synchronicity required for fertilization to occur, but also allows us to assume that these participants factors may always be present (for example, certain hormones in the bloodstream of women) and also some may appear definitely stop, such as the formation of the endometrium in the uterus.

The objective of this video and comment that this article is the popular belief that a woman loses her sex drive after menopause could be false, as the hormones that cause it, some women have a life presence.

These women will stop fertilizing because they lack at least one essential factor, but never cease to lubricate vaginally or cause erections stop his occasional sexual partner.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Vigencia sexual postmenopausia.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.183)

Telepathy does not exist

The advantages of the ambiguous and intriguing messages.

Communication difficulties depend not only on the lack of practice, or the smallness of the lexicon (Capital verbal vocabulary), or speaking ability, also affects some social strategy.

The attitude is characterized by intriguing ideas imply that the recipient 's end with what you imagine.

For example, someone could say, "John has a good reputation, but those who know him best have a very different opinion".

With this comment, who said little in many words a doubt managed to install the receiver. The strategy is to not be responsible for what he says because only suggests leaving any possible interpretation in the hands of the listener.

Another objective is to arouse curiosity intriguing for the listener is left thinking about the issuer. If the intention is to set a recurring reminder, the intriguing makes the other never stop thinking that he failed to understand.

I've never heard that literary critics and theologians have said that biblical texts are intriguing, but perhaps they are and that is why so many people meditate at length on such ambiguous scriptures, both meanings could be filled as completely empty.

Here is an example where the benefits of poor communication or an insinuating, malicious, designed to imprison the thought of who receives communication is. Who could come up that the Bible has an intriguing and malicious literature? It is not easy to make this assumption, but you could spend a few minutes to dismiss... if it finds sufficient grounds to do so.

People who receive little educational background can be found in the literary style (the express very little clarity though with great ambiguity, as we see in the Bible) and feel that it is better not to know much because the clearer communication less dominated another, as always are free to criticize what they hear and understand.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La telepatía no existe.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.164)

sábado, 29 de marzo de 2014

Human livestock

Slavery, trafficking, marriages of convenience, gradually into disuse, now add the early recruitment of children that promise great sports performances.

The exploitation of man by man is not a concept condemned by Karl Marx, useful only to denounce unfair labor relations between employers and employees.

In this video and article I comment what ever happens less in Latin America : the negotiation in which parents demand their daughter's boyfriend some financial reward as a condition for marriage.

While it is true that women are the ones who choose who will be the father of her children, things do not always. Many times they have to settle for someone else who always wanted (read: they loved), either because he was engaged to someone else, or because the parents of one or other objected strenuously, or because there was another interested in the young made a financial offer that she could not despise, pressured by her family.

These phenomena of commercial nature take us back to the slave trade, trafficking in white or foreigners. Humans can be considered inventories (exchangeable for money) or assets (used to work). In both cases, function as goods or livestock.

Although many are shocked by this outrageous situation, they may not be aware of the double standard they have. Indeed, if a woman has no right to abort her body then, explicitly, does not belong. This and slavery are almost the same.

While our diverse marketplace these practices are losing ground is not the case with the signing of contracts in which parents sell the rights to a contractor for sport use his little son, who was born with a gift of being unconcealed in the future, a great player, able to generate for its owners huge profits.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Ganadería humana.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.163)

viernes, 28 de marzo de 2014

Bad Latin American mothers

Although the living conditions of illegal immigrants to the United States were condemned by all humanity, countries expelled those citizens who have to migrate deserve an even harsher judgment.

It is certain that the Americans used them to receive immigrants in precarious conditions because these, from the underground, are willing to perform tasks that Native American rather not do.

It is a system of cruel exploitation and perhaps I can be classified as trafficking.

In this we can all agree, but the question that fewer victims and relatives of victims from sending countries, rail against the mistreatment of Hispanic immigrants are subjected, are never the question that arises is why so many people have to leave their country to live in appalling conditions in another country?

Assuming that 99 % of human beings are fairly intelligent, we must assume that these migrants, who are mistreated in the United States are treated worse in countries of emigrants (or flee).

Maybe this is a comment idle for too obvious, but I find no expressed almost anywhere.

Therefore: while recognizing the humiliation and abuse that are subject Hispanics entering the United States in illegal conditions, the most important issue here is to determine why Latin American countries treat their worse than a foreign country citizens.

In other words, despite all the abuse they are subjected Hispanic immigrants to the United States, in their respective countries treat them even worse, so they have to go, so we have to migrate because the country where they were born is a bad mother expels so that a more caring mother grew up.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Malas madres latinoamericanas.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.181)

The pay scale for teachers

Although the title of this article and video refers to an economic issue, it may be appropriate to supplement this goal and raised in the video, citing an equally important issue.

I now turn to student choice of those who, not knowing what the difficulties of each work (education of children, adolescents or adults), choose to choose what they imagine to be the easiest, ie teachers are, teaching children.

Mistakenly, many students turn to this race because others have failed or have never failed, but would not want to fail: why are dedicated to studying what seems to them easier.

However, teaching young children is a little harder to teach people who have already developed the major intellectual competition.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the following:

Vocation is a natural impulse to bring since we were conceived. Given this desire, this preference, this taste for doing certain tasks, the hardest thing is not always doing them. Ie: if someone has a vocation to educate young children will have a life uncomfortable if you have the opportunity to study and engage in that task.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La escala salarial en los docentes.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.162)

jueves, 27 de marzo de 2014

Feelings in the supermarket

Some say that you buy in supermarkets cheaper. What actually happens is that if you have fun with at least three different stimuli presented in this article.

Humans have assured entertainment curious until we die. The curious little humans may tend to get bored.

One of the biggest unknowns refers to the desire and this is so difficult to understand precisely because our investigation activity is powered by it. It happens the same thing would happen to an engine know about engines try.

This video and article refer to how large supermarkets and convenience stores found by pure trial and error, an exciting form of marketing that has made humans we buy in one place until we do not need.

It's exhilarating feeling of abundance that we exhibit. Maybe something was the biblical paradise. As this is a literary work, written by a novelist very advanced for its time, now you copy the idea and offer an ideal location, with constant and perfect temperature, where the notion of time is wasted, with lively music, with permission to touch everything, look at it, smell it, read it, as a foretaste of what will surely be the ultimate act of empowerment, that is, the act of purchasing.

It is also stimulating the sense of power felt with all those goods that appear to belong to us. Maybe a feudal lord, to explore the lands of his domain, we felt like now in a supermarket. Maybe the supermarket is, for each client, the pantry of the castle, to which we will go down to take what the appetite, curiosity, fantasy, whim, demand.

Not long ago (2014 courses), are watched on television in some cities in our Americas, looting supermarkets occurred. The scenes were amazing : ordinary people running down the street clutching a TV, small appliances, to bottles. The predatory characteristic of our species quest, released circumstantially, resulted in these people, common like us, fell into a frenzy of empowerment, feverish, unusual. These facts allow us to assume that every day, all customers are tempted to steal some of the objects that seem lost in an obscene abundance.

So we play we are millionaires or kings, or lords, or thieves, snatchers, muggers, robbers, pirates. At the end of each game, judiciously spent by the cash there to make the real value of the goods plus the cost they charge us for having used the supermarket and amusement park.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Sentimientos en el supermercado.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.180)

Distaste for competition

If we understand our feelings and associations, altered by jealousy, perhaps we can love our siblings, maybe we can keep the love of our spouse and maybe we can compete without blindness imposes irrational passion.

While the video that accompanies this article put special emphasis on socialist philosophy, while it difficult to participate in a competitive labor regime, now the main theme will be a little different.

One of the most active motifs in polygamous behavior of our spouse is strongly linked to the competition that we face.

As celamos with our younger siblings homicidal fury, because we feel that they came to steal the love we received from our family, because we perceive that invaded our territory despotically moving us, something similar happens with close friends having our spouse.

Since we are because we need him, perhaps as much as we need our parents when they were younger siblings, makes us very violent to know that other people share your attention, your body, your affection, your dedication. We fail to understand that just as we survive the invasion of younger brothers also we can survive the invasion of other loves of our spouse.

Exactly the same thing happens in the competitive examinations to which we have to face to get a job or earn a promotion in the career ladder.

We feel that this test is an instance in which we have to fight with our brothers to keep the love of our parents or where teneo to fight with our spouse lovers keeper.

The destructive passion is unleashed in our mind responds to a need to defend terminal attack : we have to keep the love of our parents, we have to keep the love of our spouse, we must reach the hierarchy deserve more.

These similarities are not perceived consciously. Therefore, when present, act with unusual uncontrolled. If we understand what happens to our feelings, what unconscious associations mobilize us, we could act more calmly, knowing that if we understand our feelings and associations, we may be able to love our brethren, maybe we can keep the love of our spouse and perhaps we can compete without blindness imposes irrational passion.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Disgusto por la competencia.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.161)

miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2014

Material and psychological realities

Inhibition is huge that we suffer because of an adverse psychological reality.

In the video associated with this article I use the example of the tragedy suffered by children when a brother who comes to invade the territory imagined itself and, worse, is born to share the love of parents and older siblings.

Humans understand that love is as indivisible as a rock. We imagine that if someone has that piece of rock, no one else can have it. It happens with a piece of rock with a toy, with the bed, with clothes, with spouse assume that if someone gives you love, one and indivisible imagination, a person, no one else can get the same love.

Of course this definition of love is not explain how it is possible to love more children, several friends, both parents.

The fact is that humans were wrong: we may want several people at once, without being prejudiced by each other. We can love one or a ten without that decrease the amount of love she receives the only or one of the ten.

But the core of the issue lies elsewhere.

When we imagine our life would be terrible if a brother was born, we suffer every hardship imaginable. For example, imagine 28 possible misfortunes (which we invade the bedroom which steal our toys, we all want him more than us, that is very strong and we were punished, and that 's a murderer kills us, it is devilish and curse us, and thousands more threats). That's the psychological reality: tantalizing because it contains the amount of misfortunes that imagination can create.

Conversely, when a brother is born we have a unique reality we saved the other 27 we have imagined without this birth.

Then reality, however difficult, is less painful than the anxious expectation, because this suffering includes many more cases and even more serious than the events that actually occur.

Nota: O texto original em espanhol (sem tradução do Google): Realidades materiales y psicológicas.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.179)

There are no sellers

Changes in the way we buy have occurred because ways to cut costs and find that, emotionally, we do not talk and we talk. Before we liked that interaction and sellers came to please, now we do not want that interaction and, luckily, sellers do not come to bother us.

Hardly find who offers sales courses, as happened a few decades ago. Courses, careers, conferences, on márquetin, which is not the same as sales, but it's the closest thing they now offer.

Perhaps márquetin is selling something like that stopped being people-to-people to become massive. The sale person-to-person is restricted to very few products especially expensive jewelry, art, cars, houses, and little else.

Why did this happen?

I only think of two reasons:

1) entrepreneurs, manufacturers, importers, distributors, living an eternal struggle to improve their competitive position. The price of what they sell is essential, often decisive. That struggle is to lower costs and a major cost is the wage paid workers involved in the process of manufacturing, distribution and sales. Therefore, the folding of the wage bill is being achieved with new procedures which ignore, more and more workers. Thus machines are invented and found ways to sell that do not require the participation of many people: hence the self I am talking about in this video.

2) A second reason may be less easy to perceive: humans are emotionally distant from each other. Something is happening to us, without entering any value judgment to say whether it is good or bad that happens to us, but we like the self because we have to talk to anyone, do not have to queue (except in cases where we paid), do not have to explain what our need or desire to meet, no one has to give us feedback, or why we hear that the seller casually use at home that we want to sell. We are irritable, impatient, intolerant, unfriendly, antisocial. We prefer shopping listening to music on our phone, without anyone bothering us with their conversation.

In short, changes in the way we buy have occurred because ways to cut costs and find that, emotionally, we do not talk and we talk. Before we liked that interaction and sellers came to please, now we do not want that interaction and, luckily, sellers do not come to bother us.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Ya no hay vendedores.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.160)

martes, 25 de marzo de 2014

The inclination of the body

The advantage of carefully observing the behavior of others is to realize that we are not as bad as we tend to believe, that always do the best they can and, in any case, we have difficulty understanding them.

There are people who claim divine thought, though you might not guess anything but be a little more observant than most.

In the video I commented how there are gestures, postures and forms of speech that communicate much more than we usually grasp.

We are true statements: our actions are expressed, posture, tone of voice, the chain of words, phonetic words, silences, hand movements, blinking, what our feet when walking.

There are many stories bordering with magic, you are told about the powers of observation and deductive power of some people.

When Freud invented psychoanalysis, raged the adventures of detective Sherlock Holmes. Would not surprise me that this researcher fiction, with his shrewd mind, inquisitive, insightful, very suspicious of the obvious, is impregnated neurons Restless first psychoanalyst.

In the video I suggest you do not try to change the spontaneous gestures guided by the desire to achieve better social outcomes. I never tire of repeating that the proactive slogan "Will is power" is a real trap for naive or foolish.

There is an avid recipe that allow them to manipulate others public. It is the vice of getting power either way. Power is magnetic, exciting, sweet, hypnotic, but almost unreal. 99% of us who are fascinated with the power they have are fictional characters or real people that cook their biographies to pretend they do not really have (power).

Leaving aside that desire to rule over others, it is fun to understand and be understood, just understand. If this happens, if we all realize why people do the best they can, but most of the time we do not manage to understand, there we will find our benefit: a better view of the other individuals of the species.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La inclinación del cuerpo.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.178)

Love and misspellings

Compliance with the orthographic rules may be people who may also meet other standards: punctuality, traffic behavior, respect. Therefore, at the failure of spelling rules we think that there are other breaches.

Humans are consistent. Maybe I can say that all living beings are consistent... because consistency is nothing but the harmony between different biological functions, without which life would be impossible.

Therefore, humans are always consistent while we are alive. We die just because we lose coherence, harmony, functional affinity.

It is thanks to this consistency we can draw some conclusions from certain data. The following example is the central theme of this article.

When someone has pointed out many misspellings can think of is careless, forgetful, rebellious, ignorant transgressor.

Grammar is the set of rules governing our language. This works as collectively we can meet some laws. If each act independently of the other speakers could not get along with others, would be solitary, isolated.

This isolation can be painful or pleasurable. Although we are social animals, gregarious, natural members of groups, families, affiliations, religions, nations, sometimes we need or prefer to be alone, away from the pack.

In this case we say that we loneliness is caused by narcissism, ie, a special love for himself, reinforced by the special disregard all others.

Therefore, in human relationships, but can write and make us understand considering only the phonetic words, respect the spelling suggests that person, since it is consistent, most likely also be outgoing, supports the rules of coexistence, respect for others, the note, can love them, be punctual to arrive on time for appointments and paying bills, most likely also to respect the traffic regulations of streets and highways, be reliable because say what they think, know to behave appropriately in different situations: travel, parties, work, study.

These few examples allow us to understand why, if someone fails to respect spelling rules, is reporting a significant variety of deficiencies in the development of his personality, which go far beyond that little detail to include a letter h but not sound, correctly or choose letters c, s, x or z, but sounds about the same cause.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El amor y las faltas de ortografía.

 (Este es el Artículo Nº 2.159)

lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

Spouses and siblings

Jealousy that break caused by marital infidelity are so destructive because they result from the accumulation of jealousy that we could not express to our younger brothers, and those that are generated in the marriage relationship.

Why jealousy can get to inspire homicidal desires between spouses? A possible short answer is: By scrolling.

Jealousy may be a kind of emotional hunger. We need to be loved, especially by those who most need. The initial model is the mother. We need a mom when just born, and then again and then too, although she is replaced by someone else.

Usually men want Mom to be replaced by another woman, but if we want the substitute gay is male. Generally women want mom to be replaced by a male, but if they are lesbians want the replacement is female.

When we are younger, more vulnerable and needy mom, the birth of a sibling equals a banishment penalty imposed by the Greeks to the worst criminals and traitors.

What a child feels when a brother is born is impossible to describe, among other reasons because the verbal capital sufferer is particularly small, but mostly because the passion killer floods every emotional corner with a wave of lava.

However, the tragedy worse, because adults who should love and protect the small, rather than understand, pamper, encourage, recognize through the ordeal is happening, are dedicated to relativize the reason for suffering. I encourage him that will now have a little brother to play with and other nonsense, unacceptable for anyone and many more unacceptable to the child who suffers the threatened invasion.

The phenomenon is repeated, with nuances, when our spouse (surrogate mom) reports also pleased that having sex with others. However, this history repeating itself suffers from a fatal variant: those who hear the situation, do not come to tell us that we will now have a loving our spouse to go see football, that encourage us to kill him and her when they are together, or we kill him alone, or we kill her.

In short, we must accept that our parents fill of children, but we should not accept that our spouse is full of lovers.

Younger siblings are as insufferable as lovers of our spouse, but we can not protest the brothers together then hate that inspire us both. That's why the jealousy of marital infidelity are disproportionately destructive.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Cónyuges y hermanos menores.

 (Este es el Artículo Nº 2.177)

Eastern and Western Philosophy

In the West we believe that humans are a sum of features (Cartesian dualism), and in the East believe that humans are an indivisible whole (holism).

More and more often psychological tests in competitions or examinations include assessment of labor.

Those who have the responsibility to choose the best candidates to fill a vacancy, you may have found that the fragmented stakeholder assessment can be improved with an assessment that integrates the psychological aspects (intelligence, creativity, tolerance, ability to induce and deduce, personality, reading comprehension, tolerance threshold for frustration, emotional stability, sense of humor, ability to work in groups, affections, jealousy, envy, concentration, learning ability, memory, associative capacity and others).

Western intellect is strongly influenced by Cartesian dualism. This true nonsense that has been installed in our culture prevents us from seeing the forest because we can only see trees, one by one, all together (forest), no.

With Cartesian dualism (whereby we are the arithmetic sum of a body plus intellect), we assume that what we know of our existence must also be added in a tone of addition, without access to a comprehensive understanding of the human being.

Thus, Westerners keep adding more and more new elements as they get to know, but is that as new knowledge deepens, we have no choice but to spend only people who engage in study. This explains why we have specialists in the West for almost any branch of knowledge: they are people who know a lot about little.

In Eastern think differently: they try to interpret the world around considering it as an organic, harmonious, balanced whole. To the East, each new knowledge is integrated into everything, trying to understand how it is inseparable from the rest.

Every attempt to influence something (in the video I gave the example of spelling errors), must be addressed globally, considering the disortográfica person as a whole, perfect, harmonious, balanced being. To the East, you can only improve something improving it all.

Business between Chinese and Westerners require a real recent study of that culture, because if the means the same to us misunderstandings can wreck any contract.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Filosofía oriental y occidental.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.158)

domingo, 23 de marzo de 2014

Injured heirs

The ablest citizens optimize their performance if they know that they can accumulate wealth will be enjoyed by your heirs.

In a series of articles recently published (1), I told them that the human being does not develop properly, or destitute, or in the lush richness.

In the same theoretical line of those items, which include the right to leave the accumulated wealth to descendants (heirs) has people in favor and others opposed.

Opponents argue that no one should have won what is not through their efforts and those in favor say that the person who manages to amass a fortune has the added attraction that the result of their efforts will be enjoyed by your loved ones (heirs), rather than go into the coffers of the State or the Church.

Therefore, inheritance often hinder the personal development of all are heirs because without their efforts, as in countries rich soil and subsoil, in which new generations inherit territorial riches hardly encourage them to work with hard.

By contrast, the most capable citizens optimize their performance if they know that they can accumulate wealth will be enjoyed by your loved ones. If the most successful entrepreneurs and knew that his fortune will go to the state or any church, may not feel encouraged to give their best.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Los herederos perjudicados.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.176)

Uninstalling software

It is increasingly difficult to act illegally and also offenders who are caught more easily.

We're better than what we seem, but the market economy forces us to be worse for having to buy unnecessary advice.

We are all in cahoots to force us to be so insecure that we should see all we have to do.

Not only do we give work to many people but we also denounce, as in a regime where individual freedoms are severely cut.

Humans are born with instincts and fairly complete alone could make do without having to consult on matters of health, administrative, ethical, legal, labor, marriage, power, sexuality, pregnancy, and other important life issue.

We are good citizens if we have enough insecurity as to not feel able to solve our problems by ourselves, thinking, studying, risking try imagining the solutions we obtain, reasoning, rehearsing.

This works well, not only to give employment to thousands of specialists have to make a living, but something more sinister.

Indeed, if we were able to resolve our problems would be people we would know very little.

For example, every question that we make in this technical generates several questions (clarifications, extensions, confirmatory), which expose us to a near police interrogation. If you have information to hide, avoid problems that may require you to consult us because we know that the consultation may ask questions that are not willing to answer.

Therefore, not only give a lot of information when our purchases are paid with credit cards, but we are also sharing our life and work with all to retrieve up to the smallest thing.

In other words: if we are insecure people, morally and culturally obliged to consult others on how to do, solve, understand, know, we're having a very transparent existence. Those who intend to act illegally they will find difficult obstacle to circumvent this: always be leaving traces of our footsteps, be they legal or illegal

Someone may say, we now have the Internet and many of our questions find answers anywhere. Well, what we retrieve is also registered on the Internet, on our computer and servers.

In short: it is increasingly difficult to act illegally, and who also commit crimes are more easily caught.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La desinstalación de software.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.157)

viernes, 21 de marzo de 2014

Thinking is a sport

Those who are determined to study and think they are weak people who do not do what they want (free will), but are determined to be as they are.

I usually discuss with you some thoughts that try to justify why free will does not exist, as we are 100% certain of a huge number of stimuli that induce us to do or not do all that we do or do not do. (1)

These stimuli are, for example, genetic, environmental, social, climatic, historical.

In this article I focus on video and repeat the idea, but adding that most humans think neither study nor yet live.

When I say most I am also suggesting that it is very likely to be correct go with the factors they determine us, believing in free will and assume that we can make good decisions thinking and studying much, are being taken (certain) by an unfounded belief.

However, if we could be objective in evaluating these issues may come to the conclusion that humans were not going well in life studying and thinking that regardless of these activities.

By contrast, those who study and think matters relating to the existence and how to manage it, have lives different from those who dispense with these occupations.

This does not necessarily indicate that it is possible to control the existence (as believers in free will say), but may also mean that some people are determined to do certain tasks (studying, think) and not others.

What happens to those who study and think? Are probably more slaves that they read and think and, to be slaves, are more predictable, obedient, submissive, controllable, governable, thanks to which they receive awards from parents, teachers, leaders and society as a whole.

In other words, is not that scholars and thinkers are better because they do that, but these features are often associated with submissive people, afraid of breaking the rules, highly dependent on the opinions of others. These temperament traits make them slightly problematic citizens, so they are rewarded, pampered care.

A studious person and think you may have a good income because it gets better jobs (because it has good performance in general), you might have more power because it is assigned who is unlikely to abuse it, probably have friends with a profile similar to yours ("tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are"), through which perhaps well to increase its share of socially legitimized.

In short: Those who are determined to study and think they are weak, insecure, submissive, obedient people, who tend to be predictable, probably honest (for fear of punishment), sincere (for fear of criticism), disciplined (for the approval of superiors and colleagues), solidarity (for fear of being checked). Ie: do not do what they want (free will), but they are determined to be as they are.

(1) Los artículos sobre este tema se concentran en un blog titulado Libre albedrío y determinismo.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Pensar es un deporte.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.174)

The business of the crucifixion

That wealthy supporters of the Catholic Church there could be explained because they interpret that Jesus was a good example of who takes major risks, (even killed), betting on a big gain, (eternal life).

It is conceivable that the poor adhere to the Catholic Church because it invites them to be kept in poverty, says it is very good to have material needs, living in austerity, not sticking to worldly goods.

Not as easy to understand why some rich also adhere to this impoverishing dogma.

I think a reasonable explanation would be:

The Holy Scriptures, (the Bible), are a series of text very difficult to understand. For this reason it is possible to assign almost any interpretation. For this task are the priests, religious, theologians. But not only these experts try to unravel the truths that are supposedly expressed in this book, other people, in an effort to take the best advantage of all their actions, seek to understand what has this long history, but like all the other players try to legitimize these supposed truths their own desires.

Therefore, the infinite ambiguity of the Bible also suggests that Jesus learned that resurrected after death, surrendered entrusted to be crucified, because this painful act would be rewarded with eternal life. In terms of business, nothing could be more profitable: to suffer the torments of this painful conviction, (the crucifixion), in exchange resurrected and live forever.

Very few humans would dismiss this opportunity. In fact, often suffer horrible sacrifices as a crucifixion without that we will provide some benefit. Humans usually immolate us free, selflessly. If we had a wonderful expectancy gain (eternal life), would look more decisively incurring the risks incurred Jesus, (opposing the powerful of its time).

In short: there are wealthy supporters of the Catholic Church could be explained because they interpret that Jesus was a good example of who takes major risks, (even killed), betting on a big gain (eternal life).

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El negocio de la crucifixión.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.156)

miércoles, 19 de marzo de 2014

Reproductive inequality

To continue generating new generations, women should feel undermined by the male, to try to beat him erotically, in which case most probably necessary fertilization occurs.

"The International Day of Working Women and International Women's Day commemorates the struggle of women for their participation, on equal terms with men, in society and in their full development as a person. Day is celebrated on March 8. It is a national holiday in some countries". (1)

From my point of view, any equality between unequals is an injustice, an incomprehension a capricious act from misaligned emotions stimulated with Nature. In this case: women and men are different and nothing to try to match it will be a good thing.

Moreover, every social role has a "Day" (woman, mother, child, grandparent, secretary, fireman), who is suffering draws a shame that tries to repair only through this hypocritical artifice to flatter every 365 days the victim, so that street protests and follow not being abused.

In this case, besides criticizing the use of such poor contraption flattering the victims, by applying an anesthetic annual effect, add more than can be noteworthy.

As I said above, different human beings should not be matched by anything because they are. Match it is a different form of injustice, goofy, silly, maudlin violence.

In this case it is even worse because men and women need to be all we can to different reproductive phenomenon that never stops. We need to conserve the species and this requires that we remain unequal. Homosexual couples, for example, can not be played and the bond between men and women too symmetrical neutralizes and prevents reproductive sexuality.

To continue generating new generations, women should feel undermined by the male, to try to beat him erotically, in which case most probably necessary fertilization occurs. Conversely, if the man who felt undermined by the woman, react destructively, perhaps killing or seriously injuring the superior being that degrades.

Therefore, as we are constituted by, the man should never feel inferiorized because he gets aggressive. When women feel inferior status, appeals to seduce and eventually to copulate with whom the subject, thanks to which we preserve the species.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Desigualdad reproductiva.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.172)

The Cuban Revolution compensates two gaps

By this description I mean that the Cuban revolution on the island because there are not no rich hoarders inhospitable territory.

Humans develop better if we have to fight to get food.

Actually, I do not know which body is more important for our species. Rationalists say it is the brain and the romantics say it is the heart, perhaps the most determines our actions is the stomach, without which there would suffer hunger that forces us to get food without which we would not want to sleep when we overeaten.

A second important organ is the uterus,another hollow organ! Is it that new strains are developed, but it should say that it is in him that new stomachs coming to aumentarnos needs forcing us tyrannically to work, manage, save develop, wits, be selfish or solidarity, according to whether or no food abundance.

If we accept that the body that directs our lives is the stomach, we also think that the circumstances of the people can be one of three:

1) You live in a rich soil and with absolute freedom, in which case we hoard, ambitious, able to concentrate huge fortunes, to return us plenty indolent, lazy, apathetic, stupid, lacking in energy, will people creativity. With this I am trying to say that the rich are a product of nature responsible for regulating the abundance of food;

2) You live in an arid place, soil and inhospitable climate, which requires us to work hard, to come together to gain strength, to be frugal, thrifty, disciplined, so that together we can address the shortage of soil and climatic aggressiveness (cold, power failure, earthquakes, sterility of the soil, excess or shortage of water);

3) That we live in a rich soil without operators millionaires, then we have tyrants who force people to live as if the territory to be miserable or if there hogging people of great wealth (rich).

By this description I mean that the Cuban revolution on the island because there are not no rich hoarders inhospitable territory.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La Revolución Cubana compensa dos carencias.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.154)

martes, 18 de marzo de 2014

The lives of Candy Crush

Our attempts to avoid death also have unconscious processes that we process in video games, arriving late for appointments or paying surcharges for late payment to pay overdue debts that have a fixed maturity.

Computer know much about the psychology of human beings and that they know us, they apply to computer programs more and more seductive, sexy, addictive, cost effective, friendly, entertaining, fascinating.

Not so long ago the largest producers of video games realized that the most profitable is to allow everyone to play them for free, but then certain temptations arise whose satisfaction will be paid. As we see, this looks like our existence: born without paying, but later have to face the cost of living.

Indeed, many years ago that in these games there is life concept.

The player usually has certain mistakes that take away lives, kill, should be inactive, unable to continue having fun. The fascinating thing is to find ways to prevent these deaths, reclaiming lives or achieve resurrection.

To some extent, repeated games the incredible story of Jesus of Nazareth, while there are difficulties, hardships, frustrations (Via Crucis), the loss of life occurs being offside (crucifixion), followed by other new possibilities of life (resurrection).

In the video associated with this item, also commented that the search for the postponement of death, perhaps whatever it unwittingly encourages the unpunctual not arrive on time for appointments (death?), Or are not able to pay their financial obligations on time, so they have to pay surcharges for late, by which they may feel that they are paying to live a little longer.

In short: Our attempts to avoid death are unconscious processes that we process in video games, arriving late for appointments or paying surcharges for late to cancel debts late that have a fixed maturity.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Las vidas de Candy Crush.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.171)

Another way to interpret the Cuban Revolution

Perhaps the Cuban Revolution supports a different interpretation.

Before the revolution, Cuba was a tropical country like any other, ie, rich in food, where to eat was so easy that people could not develop overcoming difficulties, challenges, shortages that require them to physical and intellectual efforts (1).

As this abundance is harmful for the best growth of humans, there were people who accumulate large amounts of wealth because spontaneously, when we are too generous territory, a few removed excessive wealth and leave us with the minimum to have to work hard to survive. The rich are just that : that remove harmful human wealth, leaving most with the living conditions that would have in a territory whose shortcomings demanded these efforts we need to do to develop all our potentialities.

The traditional way to adapt to a rich territory generates strong social conflicts (between rich exploiters and exploited poor), the poor envy the rich collectors toxic excesses, and instead of fighting for what they need to engage in hate blinded.

Everything is conducive to the emergence of a change: the Cuban Revolution killed the rich, installed a government monopolized the role of extracting toxic wealth and organized life of the villagers to make everyone feel equal, without envy, with a strong state rich and administering these surplus resources, which were also removed from public access so that people could have the scarcity needed, but without alienating anyone, without suffering before felt envy toward wealthy exploiters.

This experiment could only be done on an island, where possible leakage control who did not want to endure the lack that would grow as individuals. Furthermore, it could only be done with Fidel Castro, whose charisma allowed to install this system that benefits humans. He nationalized the concentration of surplus wealth, toxic, abundance preventing them develop all their talents.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Otra forma de interpretar la Revolución Cubana.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.153)

sábado, 15 de marzo de 2014

Free Work who gives alms

In some Spanish-speaking peoples, speaking of painful to refer to the commercial document outlining what the amount should be a valid Christian charity (with penitential dimension).

Although the Dictionary of Americanisms of the Royal Spanish Academy has not even incorporated in some Spanish-speaking peoples is told painful to the invoice, the cash receipt, the consumer ticket to the note or as cash call must provide proof that who pays charges.

For example, in a bar patrons, you can hear someone say:

- Waiter, bring me the painful, (referring to drinking ticket) to know how much to pay you.

While every purchase is a trade in which goods are common exchange for money, and not everyone understands this transaction. Especially when the well is a paid service (repair, painting houses and furniture, artistic interpretation, health care, healthcare cleaning).

In a swap, two people exchange goods of similar value, at a purchase we understand that money is also a good. Therefore it is said that a purchase is a barter.

But for whom this transaction is neither a trade nor a purchase, but anything else you do not really know what it is, you can imagine outside the market economy to which they belong and suppose that deliver what they deliver (goods or services), free of charge, provided the other party is willing to give them a handout.

In fact the situation is the same as a sale of goods or services that are paid with money, but for these marginal, (because they try to settle outside the capitalist system), it is preferable to think that those who work for free just to give them alms.

In this concept the Christian doctrine appears to set an economic model that benefits who works for free.

Indeed, Catholics say that any charity is a Christian act if it does not hurt to the giver.

For this reason, a person who pretended to work for free is actually intend to charge more than if you had set a price, for that charity, which operates as compensation, should be so high that the buyer martirice.

We arrived at this point to understand why, in some Spanish-speaking peoples, speaking of painful to refer to the commercial document outlining what the amount should be valid Christian charity (with penitential dimension).

Nota: O texto original em espanhol (sem tradução do Google): Trabajo gratis para quien da limosna.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.151)

viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014

Making love or hate

There is the possibility that some cases of domestic violence are actually frustrated breeding attempts in which she wanted to arouse sexually harass him, never dreaming that he would be furious and destructive attack.

In another article (1), and by rational rodeo, I came to the conclusion that the unmarked male gender, our own language, could not be feminine as they claim.

To make it clear: the language indicates that a group of boys and girls, children must be said, even if they are 99 girls and one boy. Of course, they claim that the situation is the reverse, or, in any case, that gender is determined by the prevalence, that is, if 100 children, 51 were girls, then it would be right to say girls generally.

The explanation given in the article, (whose reading would suggest, just follow the link that is given at the end of this article), referred to the genus unlabeled is male for women bother, protest, claiming them men, they are sexually excited, have sex with them to appease them, and so finish brewing new specimens to ensure the conservation of the species.

Reinforced this argument by saying that if gender outside unlabeled women and those men were disturbed, the claim would not lead to reproductive sex but violent, destructive, prejudicial to the conservation of the species claims.

In fact, - and this is the focus of this article- and not always for women irritate men with their claims obtained a loving appeasement, fertilizing.

Indeed, it may happen that a man feels harassed and instead of trying to appease the woman making love in a reproductive, chooses to attack, physically or psychologically, destructive, hateful, excessively aggressive violence, seeking to kill the woman protesting because they feel unloved in a society where gender is not marked male.

In conclusion, there is a possibility that some cases of domestic violence are actually frustrated breeding attempts in which she wanted to arouse sexually harass him, never dreaming that he would be furious and destructive attack.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Hacer el amor o el odio.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.168)