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About inner demons and consumerism

Money is not evil. It is to prevent the inner demons that so many people work and consume less obsessively.

There are those who strive to live without money.

They believe that this conversion, this versatile merchandise, this sort of wildcard that all accept any exchange, generates a kind of curse that makes us lose the head, enslaves us, corrupts, degrades.

Many people think this and would not encourage me to say they are wrong, but nevertheless propose another explanation of why money seems diabolical.

Have you ever heard of inner demons?

They are a fantastic representation of remorse, of the sad memories, disturbing, of persecutory ideas, of merciless revenge. Also fixed ideas, concerns, incendiary jealousy, incest forbidden desires or socially condemned homosexuality. These inner demons are also the fear of insanity, to get a serious incapacitating disease or terminal ; fears of being abandoned by a loved one, to fall into economic ruin, to do something crazy (throw us out of a window, include ramming a pedestrian, killing a child).

Now back to the desire to eliminate money because it seems diabolical.

Time is money worked before. Money is work: it is nothing. Busy time in produce.

As you may have guessed, my guess is to think that the inner demons are unleashed, attack and upset when we are not amused, engaged, attentive to a task. Boredom is what enabled slavery to the evil horrors, not money.

While we are busy (making money), demons do not bother. For this reason many people do not want to take a vacation: mad fear.

Consumerism and greed are not diseases in themselves, are a resource used by those who dare to be alone with themselves. Those who live peacefully with their thoughts, they can be lazy, ascetics, hermits, austere, sober, frugal, thrifty never, never greedy or consumerist.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Sobre demonios interiores y consumismo.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.111)

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