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Infatuation and its expected evolution

Falling in love is a mental phenomenon caused by a transient feeling of fullness, achieved by an imaginary merger between two people in love each other.

Never hurts to make any comments about love. In this case, destine a few paragraphs associated with mental illness, that is, infatuation.

Write like I know, that you used to read what people write you believe sabihondas not surprised. If you honestly say that neither I nor anyone else knows something, you might get bored and not read everything.

The psyche has several well-known characteristics, one of which is that anxiety every time you realize how incomplete are. Not only are sadly vulnerable, but also we are born ten or twelve months earlier. Everything would be better if we were conceived in about 20 months. In this case we would come out of the womb a little better finished.

This lack (incompleteness) is critical of a number of reactions that would not have if we were born as perfect as other mammals (dogs, cats, horses).

Everyone knows the drawing of the donkey and the carrot. Well, now that you know that both characters (the donkey and the carrot), represent the human being has come: the donkey chases the carrot as well as human pursue another person believing that, if we had your company definitely abandon that unbearable feeling of incompleteness.

However, as in all mammalian species, our female is seducing, at least, a male, who, from the time he entered a pre-psychotic state that invades the omnipotence, arrogance, delusions in height and other symptoms of the same disease: acute delusional psychosis, commonly called infatuation.

If the male responds appropriately, the woman enters a similar pathology and also imagine that from now on will end forever the painful feelings of incompleteness. As both follies are similar and complementary, the couple you enter in the same picture: infatuation.

What is this syndrome (infatuation)? Imagine that both complete; temporarily lose lucidity to recognize that you are the donkey and the other is the carrot, objectively separate and distant.

Nature has arranged this crazy duo, is reversible and when the woman has closed its gestation of new specimens, gradually begin to realize that it is incomplete.

Then the male will happen the same because it will begin to send signals regardless (ie you can do without it).

These two beings, now parents of some children regain their mental health but feeling distressed because, by the very wisdom of nature that seeks the conservation of the species, this pathology was more rewarding than the horrible reality, ie, that we are hopelessly incomplete.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El enamoramiento y su evolución esperada.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.147)

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