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The performance of the man and the money

Workers hired not always play well throughout the day or throughout the week, but our money is always worth the same.

We will discuss an absolutely simple idea but yet almost no one takes into account, as if it were unknown or complex.

The premises of this idea are two:

1) Human beings are not machines (obvious )!;

2) The money has a constant value within 24 hours, ie, at 8 am worth the same as at 8 pm (another no-brainer!).

There is a noticeable difference in performance between the human being and performance of the money.

Human performance decreases fatigue while the yield of money is constant.

When we covenant hiring any service, such as health, medical, mechanic or you suppose it will not be the same as do our work when he is rested to do it when tired or sleep that comes after lunch.

We will pay you with a constant value (money), but he will give us a variable value.

Therefore, depending on the accuracy required for the requested work or age of hired or urgency of implementation, should not be indifferent to assign us any time. We 're better off if we set in his schedule of excellence and we should not we set in his time of need.

If insumiera work more than one day, we avoid Mondays and Fridays. The best days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

When we have to go to a business or institution that serves us permanently, we must consider that the best employees are in prime time and the worst employees are in the marginal zones. Therefore, it would be good to consult a doctor on a Sunday at noon because that worker is the one with the worst performance.

It is known to all workers no less deserving reach the most convenient working conditions. So they must do their job in days and times in which nobody wants to work.

Of all these simple ideas and, as I said, almost no one takes into account, there is an idea that most know and it does have in mind : the best technicians are overworked and have to wait a long time. This means that, with this approach, many people who choose to have to wait more.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El rendimiento del ser humano y del dinero.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.126)

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