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Human sexual inhuman

Were brought to our sexual behavior we imitate the rest of the animals and to repress the only kind available to our practices. We were raised to be sexually inhuman.

It is likely that many Spanish speakers are educated considering two very strong moral principles:

1) We only have sex to conceive children, that is, without barrier contraceptives, and

2) Any other sexual practice that does not seek playback is evil, immoral, reprehensible.

These two important rules of intimate behavior, touting in a philosophical context, according to which the human being is a being superior to animals, child of God, and King of all living beings.

In other words, it made ​​us think that other living beings are inferior to us and we have about them all the rights that would have even the most inconsiderate sovereign governments and their citizens. For this reason, we can use them to work on our behalf and we can even kill them to eat them and feed.

In short, we were told that human beings are not animals and we only practice sex for reproductive purposes, because if we used sexual pleasure with only pleasurable purposes, we would be violating the moral, we would be getting carried away by instinct, as if we animals.

This article is only intended to share the following reflection:

No living creature, except humans, have sex for fun. All mate only to reproduce. It seems they do not know or do not care to play. As are doomed to obey their uncompromising instincts, sex is mechanical, uncontrolled by them. That is, as we have been taught, the other animals meet that moral standard that was instilled us only copulate to reproduce.

Conclusion: We were brought up to behave like any animal, except as human beings, because we are the only ones who can masturbate, being gay, fornicate for pleasure using barrier contraceptives.

Moral went with which induces us to educate repress characteristics of our species and induces us to copy the characteristic of other animals.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Humanos sexualmente inhumanos.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.133)

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