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Unusual cause of backwardness student

In our collective unconscious associate physical coercion to extract information (torture), with the educational requirements to enter information.

Recently I published an article (1) in commenting reflection on the terrible phenomenon of the physical constraints imposed by those who need information, urgent and relevant, people who do not want to give them (personal secrets, crime, conspiracies, attacks, plots, conspiracies, terrorism).

The focus of this reflection is simply to highlight the fact that science has not yet found a less invasive to obtain the information that someone knows how, but he refuses to share.

Latin America have low levels of public education and has also suffered many attacks of human rights perpetrated by governments and guerrillas who appealed to these techniques to extract information from enemy prisoners.

Obtaining information by cruel methods is a wound that is still open in our towns. When this occurs, the sensitivity is out of the normal, to the point that were predisposed to exaggerate any facts that evokes those inhuman practices (torture).

It is for this hypersensitivity to obtain information by physical constraints that can not tolerate the opposite phenomenon, that is, ask our students greater application in the study.

Both take as giving information by any imposition of any kind, (from the most primitive and wild (punishment) to the disciplines necessary to raise student performance students), cause the people in the painful memory of the Rights abuses human.

In other words: Both reject the physical constraints that not even accept the discipline, requiring the correction of spelling errors, overcoming basic levels of learning.

Traumatic hypersensitivity to torture, mourned our recent history, keeps us in a state of neurotic paralysis, indolence, low professionalism of teachers and professors.

Demand more dedication to the study is associated unconsciously demanding confession by torture of the hostages, as if teachers were torturers.

The improvement of this phenomenon is hampered for two reasons:

1) Because we do not want to mention the physical constraints, we can not to mourn for the dignity we lost. That collective shame survive as a fearsome ghost, and

2) No student in any generation will do something to increase the educational requirements. So try that scary ghost will block attempts by the authorities to increase the educational requirements.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Insólita causa del atraso estudiantil.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.137)

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