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Money equals electoral votes

After many decades of balanced allocation of power, (Executive, Legislative, Judicial, Press), refocuses, now in the hands of financial power, throwing over decision making.

In a recent article (1), I would say:

"What really makes an investor is to order many workers to do the job that is the goal of the investment, such as "build a school", when investing in education, "plant trees" when investing in afforestation, etc..”.

Many years ago, in Uruguay, representative democracy was a serious flaw: big business to the polls concurred with these employees to vote the candidate that the employer ordered them.

The solution found was to enhance the conditions of the secret ballot. The body responsible for organizing the election act (Corte Electoral) takes every precaution to ensure that citizens are truly free to vote whoever they want, without having to take orders from anyone.

As I say in the article mentioned at the beginning, investors are ultimately people determine where the work is represented in the money they invest will apply.

Note how sometimes history repeats, with slight variations, but is repeated.

Perhaps it was in the 19th century when the most serious attempts to spread the power and improve the democratic system were made. The creation of three branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial, allowed a better balance in decision making. That corresponds add the concept freedom of expression, in fact, consolidated fourth power: the press.

This worked fairly well, but from a few decades ago the power went back to again and unbalanced decisions because now the only governing any nation are a few capitalists enormous fortune. You've heard of financial power.

In short: the rich who ordered his workers to vote the candidate that would give more wealth is coming back to do the same when you consider that money is actually backlog.

Financial power functions as if they were the absolute rulers of millions of workers, virtually placed in the ballot box what the master (the banker, administrator of that concentrated on each ticket workforce), tells you.

From another point of view, if an investor says finance buildings where occupancy will the citizens of a country, the ruling will put conditions, this will have no choice but to obey.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El dinero equivale a votos electorales.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.134)

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