domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014

False celebration

I believe that the celebration of goals of professional footballers is part of the deceptive practices of the entertainment industry.

If we consider that very smart people believe in the existence of God and to organize their lives counting on the influence of that entity actually unprovable, we can believe almost anything else, probably from somewhere will draw evidence to justify the assertion that we occurs.

Although I have much experience in the matter itself took decades zapping with the TV and I have here the surprising thing: football players whose transfers totaling millions of euros they earn per month the equivalent of all the salaries of some small communities celebrate goals like they were having fun at a bachelor party.

But of course, the entertainment industry is as follows:

- The chorus of a revue always smile even if with painful menstruation or end up fighting with the junkie son;

- Having sung thousands of times the only issue that has been fed for decades, the singer writhes in anguish, love, passion, despair. The voice and hands are shaking, when completed, is in trance for a few minutes to bring you credibility feeling fascia;

- Notes the police complaint of theft frowned, twisting his mouth disgusted impossible to control insecurity, asking for more and more data to the neighbor out of the station convinced that in a few seconds, several patrol will come garage, sirens open in several directions, saturated angry policemen, guns blazing, to capture and chop in situ to the thugs who stole the poor man, who inadvertently left the door of his ajar home that, for that reason, even more seriously, the police had to interrupt a fun game of cards with inmates.

Well, yes: humans are infinite. There is insufficient experience to prevent surprised by his actions. Fortunately, for now, we are not able to know the intentions. The day that happens, workers who serve the public and even the psychologists themselves, they must be prepared to resist similar alternatives that intergalactic travel demand.

But please, well that even the physical, chemical and brilliant mathematicians believe in God, but still believe in the joy of making goals and even bumble as exhibitionists homosexuals is too grotesque farce.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Festejo falso.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.149)

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