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The explainable socioeconomic inequalities

Indeed, there are people earning reasonably a lot more than others.

How anyone can have a great fortune?

Of course not give you a formula because I have not. The intent of this article is to describe a possible enrichment process.

Mariana is a young man who, since childhood, showed great aptitude for music, singing and dancing. He lived in a country with many people but very few artists. Parents and she came to the place from afar. All family members were scattered in the world as everyone went out to get a better life than they had in their homeland.

Mariana's dream was to see the joy of the parents if they could be reunited with those brothers, uncles, parents, grandparents, who had separated when the girl emigrated to where you live.

The girl began to more and more passionate with the facial expressions of the imaginary encounter and ever more fervently wanted to find a way to bring all these people to live their last years at her side and parents.

He was taking out accounts and concluded that it would require 2,000 currency units (dollars, pounds, euros, the currency you want to imagine).

To get those 2,000, she would have to work two thousand hours, for each hour of work 1 monetary unit was paid.

How can something so laborious? Finally found the solution. Give a concert than an hour, so that in such a short time, she could exhibit their art 2,000 people, each of whom would pay 1.- currency unit entrance fee for the show.

As we see, in that city, each entrance to an art show was worth the same as an hour of work for anyone else. However, Mariana acted as one hour before two thousand people that enjoyed during the same time, she ended up getting the amount paid for the two thousand attendees.

The important point is made, but you do not stay uncomfortable tell the girl could fulfill his dream of bringing together all relatives.

The purpose of the article is to discuss a way to make money quickly.

As is clear from the history, Mariana earned per hour the same as 2,000 people. That is, she earned 2.000 times more than any of those who attended the concert.

Here we have an explanation of how a human being can earn 2.000 times more than others. We also have that situation here could achieve only one person (Mariana) between two thousand common workers (those attending the concert).

Now, two final comments :

1) We could say that Mariana earned money as the rich win and the two thousand concert attendees made ​​money as poor people earn;

2) Auto note how such a basic situation becomes difficult to understand because it costs us handle all money matters.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Las desigualdades socio económicas explicables.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.136)

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