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An investor commands an army of workers

What really makes an investor is to order many workers to do the job that is the goal of the investment, such as: "build a school", when investing in education; "plant trees", when investing in afforestation, etc..

Let our heavy blow intelligence, like Dumbo, elephant that Walt Disney used its enormous ears like wings.

Dumbo represents intelligence, precisely so heavy, how to flatten everything treads. Imagination fly like a butterfly.

Is Western culture in which we live, which favors underestimates the intelligence and imagination. Perhaps this is why creativity is so scarce and perhaps this is why we ever repeating the same reasoning, unable to take flight. We are so conservative that imagination elicits vertigo us.

From here, without risking anything, imagine something intelligent.

You may think that money is work. We only have money when we work. The value of money is given by the work involved.

Simply stated, the 1,000 that my employer pays me to each month, equivalent to the effort I did to earn them. If spent entirely on buying an object, this object would have that value because the person who did it also gained 1,000.

Of course, to express this idea as easily we are leaving out a number of other human interventions, for example, manufacturers of inputs, transport of the object, making the airplane, police looked anyone steal, rent the premises where it was kept among which was completed and when it happened to my hands, and so, a long list that break the 1,000, given the number of workers involved in the manufacture of the object ended up selling in 1,000.

Those 1,000 condense the work of many people.

The idea, a little novel, I want to share with you is:

When a person has money, he actually has the power of the number of workers involved to make that value.

When an investor gets his money, which actually brings is like an army of workers capable of producing. By bringing the condensed work (money), which ultimately brings the investor is that compressed work in exchange value they possess tickets.

In short, we think, to understand something about what money is, that this represents workers who were able to generate. We may think that a capitalist has many workers who obey him. He can command them: "build that school", "manufactured wood furniture", "vegetable planting" imaginary... All workers will do what the capitalist order them (depending where you are investing your money).

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Un inversionista comanda un ejército de trabajadores.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.129)

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