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Socialism, capitalism and envy

Socialism and capitalism are certain styles of social organization by the administration of envy we all feel, we accept it or not.

When we think of organizing society (the collective in which we live), we have two options:

1) develop a State earn, save and manage as much of the wealth that we all produce (socialism) or

2) We let people have the freedom to accumulate the amount of money they are able (capitalism).

Since both options have positive and negative aspects, hardly find groups that have chosen one with exclusion of the other (Cuba and North Korea operated exclusively socialist regimes). Except these two rare exceptions, people opt for a basically socialist organization with capitalist features (China, Brazil, Argentina) or a basically capitalist organization with socialist characteristics (United States, France, England).

Comment on an issue and under the two systems of organization, whereas envy is a universal feeling that influences us individually and collectively, but whose existence only accept others and hard on ourselves.


Virtue: The envious citizens (an absolute majority) suffer not thinking that a citizen of the flesh as they possess a large fortune. Envious never envy the wealth of the State, only envy people like themselves ;

Default: The people of flesh and blood who administer the fortune of the people, not the nurse, trying to appropriate it (steal) or squander it did not cost them create it. Others were those who worked, produced and saved.


Virtue: The envious citizens have the opportunity to calm her mortification effort trying to get through what others have and they would like. Envy in capitalism is a stimulating factor of production, competition, technological growth and prosperity. Their fortunes are managed with great zeal, no waste and the jobs they create (for profit) are administered trying to encourage maximum productivity of resources;

Default: This is always the danger that some operators abusing their economic power thoughtlessly exploiting workers. Individualism, pettiness and create profit societies where disadvantaged (children, elderly, sick) are at serious risk of dying.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Socialismo, capitalismo y envidia.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.117)

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