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Money, physical energy, youth and age

Money is accumulated labor power. Having physical energy is more pleasant to feel exhausted. Therefore, having money is as satisfying as feeling energized and no money is as unsatisfactory as feeling exhausted.

Although each stage of life has its lights and shadows, the best are usually the previous to the present. Hence the saying: "The past was better".

I dare say that this is not true, although I admit that it seems so. It is an unavoidable illusion to suppose that youth is better than old age and childhood is better than all of them.

Under normal conditions, all have positives and negatives.

In several articles I have shared with you substantiate arguments that try an iron law of the phenomenon: it hurts to live (1). It seems that nature promotes us, do things to move, basically consisting provoke pain and pleasure drives us attracts us. With both stimuli we are right or wrong according to what we are receiving the stimulus (painful or pleasurable).

If we accept that money is a form of time worked, we might think that, in old age, comes very well have the job that was executed when the body had more energy, less tired and recovering with less hours of sleep.

Old age is less painful with money because money equals power. With money we can buy the work costs us do.

All humans want to preserve youth. With the energy that indirectly provides us the money (by buying other people's work), we function as youth.

When we complained about the inequalities between rich and poor, in the background we are also complaining that there are people with little power-money (functionally elderly) and people with a lot of energy, money (functionally youth).

It may not be fair to deny the comfort we get the money, and would be foolish to deny that physical energy is more pleasant to feel exhausted.

We agree, "money does not buy happiness we" but have physical energy is more pleasurable than fatigue. If by money we can function like we have physical energy, then having money is more pleasant than not having it.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Dinero, energía física, juventud y vejez

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.120)

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