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The elders themselves are monogamous

Men are by nature polygamous, but as they age they have to accept monogamy because they have no choice.

Elderly men are monogamous for two main reasons:

1) Because the physical forces are not sufficient for them to have sex with several women, and

2) Especially because the elderly are hardly called for women in need as parents of their children.

From these statements it follows how men work before becoming old:

1) They are polygamous and have to compulsorily have sex with all the women who choose to parent their children;

2) They are liars because they do not let them tell the truth. Societies are organized with such hypocrisy and disregard for the natural features that require men to be monogamous and also mention that neither his true mission, this is, to satisfy any woman that chooses to be impregnated by him.

And here's a topic that could be the core of this article. I put it like this: The lie but liars do not exist.

The lie because there are organized society regardless how we humans (now I mean males and females).

If women and men we were respected in our true characteristics, we could say that we like mom's body, we like both your neighbor that we would take it off, that if I ever had enough power would be arrogant, to repudiate study because we prefer to be accepted as we are and not as we pretend that we are teachers, and a large etcetera.

In this imaginary social sincerity, men might say that we love all women who love us, meaning "love" the desire to be fertilized by our semen.

As culture forces us to hide our way of being, men have to lie, cheat must (a neurotic culture, but true to nature) and, when they can not with their bones, then simulate repentance of that licentiousness, when migrating from bed to bed, leaving children everywhere.

They are also true to nature, but the body forces them to be more sedentary. Not so easy to walk around with small children that take twenty years to finally leave the uterus.

The elders of both sexes taken up many features of childhood. The retake because they become as weak as children.

Men have to pretend to join a repentance woman was monogamous because the children will be hampered as he polygamous.

For all these older men become and remain faithful monogamous... Nature.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Los ancianos sí son monógamos.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.141)

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