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Polygamy and female devaluation

Most Westerners think, unaware that the woman is, for men, a toxic company, which is only admissible in a low dose.

In another article (1) I commented that men are basically polygamous, but, on reaching old age have to seek the company of one wife because no one calls us to be parents to their children and, if you so did, our bodies prevent us as efficiently as when we were young performance.

Although the war between the sexes there is low intensity. They criticize us and we criticize them. The sexual act itself requires fertilizing some aggression on the part of the male, she supports warm up even more.

Mostly, they want men exclusively, they need him to be monogamous, not want to share it with other women, like one of those items that traditionally nobody pays: the bike, guitar, underwear, shoes.

The Catholic Church is, in Western culture, which has more number of faithful.

Look at this: Those who do not belong to that congregation can think for them it is best not linked to women because, from the priests of lower rank to the Pope should be celibate, ie: they are men who avoid females to perform its functions.

Then we can think of that male faithful must not have more than one wife each. The Catholic Church professes monogamy. Although all irrationally believe that monogamy exalts women, logic suggests the opposite because I consider it a quite inconvenient little valuable, necessary only as belly. Indeed, the nuns occupy a secondary position categorically within church hierarchies.

In other words, if the best men of the Catholic Church does not accept living with a woman and the male priests were not permitted coexistence with a single, then this restriction is protective of men and not women or family as alleged unusually.

In sum: The church that attracts the approval of as many people are saying that the woman for the man is inconvenient and, if no other remedy, which is linked with one (monogamy).

To reaffirm this contempt female, we find that all religious understand that a man who is linked to more than one wife (polygamy) is someone reprehensible. The same women in a macho gesture paradoxically, repudiate the men who accept too.

All this is very normal for a 99 % neurotic culture that thinks one thing, do another, but want a third. That is, the predominant neurosis. Since this pathological psychic organization decreases productive efficiency, we could be looking at one of the many causes (religiously devalue women) for which we can not eradicate poverty.

Nota: O texto original em espanhol (sem tradução do Google): La poligamia y la desvalorización femenina.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.123)

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