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The writers only review books

Vampirism is an apt metaphor for what the readers who prefer books with extensive bibliography.

It seems that the writers of books that provide a lot of literature are just reviewers, summaries builders, people who make a short story of several works.

Film critics, who have watched many movies are reviewers, able to tell something you saw and add some appeal Anecdotally people. The truth is that no critic (Reviewer) is capable of shooting film sixty seconds of something he could recommend.

The same goes for food writers, different restaurants are walking and then write about what they found food, variety, customer service and the ambience of the place, the price level and the hygiene of the toilets.

Writers of books with extensive bibliography are misunderstood by the readers are not good writers, as well as the others mentioned are not great filmmakers or great chefs.

Sure, to some extent it is logical: when readers assess the quality of a writer by the amount of books that says you have read, dream of the belief that will make a great saving of time and money eating this condensate to avoid buying and reading all the books I read writer.

This mentality is a kind of vampirism: reasoning with the reader tries to take this logic, suck, devour, digest wisdom and writer.

Vampirism is contagious because vampires became such because they were vampirism. Are likely to abound in literature writers actually make a list of all authors who have blood sucked by reading them.

Continuing the metaphor of vampirism, note that not all victims of vampires have good digestion, ie, not all bloods are edible, ie, the reviewers of many books not always well understood what they read.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Los escritores que solo reseñan libros.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.145)

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