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The bottom half happy half the least poor

Half the world's population enjoys learning that the other half is worse, who suffers, who is poorer.

Cursa February 2014 and, since last month, the press devotes a large space of his news to tell the 85 richest people in the world have the same heritage that has the poorest half of the world population.

The data, from my point of view, directly stimulates envy, own the psyche of every human being and also glad selfish hearts of the other half of the world population.

The aim of this article is to reflect on how they handle the media economic inequalities that exist within our species.

Although unfailingly these persistent reports abound in allusions to concepts such as "distributive injustice", "inexcusable greed", "sinful selfishness", "aberrant obscenity” journalistic phenomenon may have a deeper reason, besides the aforementioned convict economic inequality.

First, I do not think I media companies are interested in eradicating distributive inequality because if this happened, they would have less to report.

If we went out in the world for a moment and we were guided by that information, we could say that half of the world population suffers and the other half look at how the first suffers.

From the stratosphere, we might think that the only financially able to buy information are members of that half of humanity that is not the poorest. Therefore, everything that is said the poorest will not become known to them, they are so poor they can not afford to learn even when they are mentioned.

It is likely that the size of media companies is adequate to preserve its economic and financial health news by selling only half of the world population. These companies have the other half of the population is not a client.

To keep customers buying have to be happy with the news. The only news we buy are nice, you provide us with some kind of pleasure. We do not buy news that cause us ulcer, insomnia, diarrhea. This is and should be accepted as an axiomatic truth.

If half of humanity buying the news that the other half is starving is because some sort of pleasure to receive such information. For example, you can enjoy thinking, "I'm not as bad as the others”; “I have to be careful not to become poor"; "reaffirm that the rulers are all useless because they can not get out of poverty by half population”, 'If you do not Complete the group of the 85 's because I would be embarrassed to be so rich”, “Those who are poorer than me 'something be done' to receive that punishment" ; "What fun is to see how they fight the rich and poor! The middle class are the best".

In sum: News of distributive injustice pleased to half of humanity (three thousand five hundred million people).

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La mitad pobre alegra a la mitad menos pobre.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.121)

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