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Poor people in rich territories

Humans bred rich territories are predisposed to economic and intellectual underdevelopment. Humans bred in poor areas are predisposed to economic and intellectual development.

There is a saying that states: "The exception proves the rule". That is why some say: "If a rule has no exceptions, then it is not a rule".

But, of course, humans are so confused, erratic and argumentative that some would say, and rightly so, "Build Act loophole" whereby we can conclude that, if a rule has no exceptions, someone will take care to create them (the exceptions or traps).

With this preface I am opening an intellectual umbrella for filing a statement of my own, although I do not know if I'm the first to think it.

My standard rule or law says: "The poor rich territories gestated humans and territories gestate poor rich human”.

In Latin America we have many instances where my law is true: The territories that have deposits of valuable minerals or lush vegetation, are inhabited by poor people, poor, mediocre, indolent, lazy, apathetic.

We have many cases in which my law also true in Europe: The territories have NO mineral wealth and even have many arable lands are inhabited by rich, ambitious conquerors, adventurers, creative, imperialist nations.

United States is a case in which the law is fulfilled in the two most extreme positive: they have a rich country, but its people are so ambitious that behave like Europeans poor, who have no choice but to get rich because her mother not land has so much wealth for them.

What will probably happen is that the United States has a rich territory inhabited by immigrants but born in poor European lands. These poor immigrants fought like the territorial wealth without the adormeciera (as we numbs the South Americans).

Of course, the concept of wealth that I use is the Western capitalist concept. Our indigenous peoples do not feel poor even if they live in miserable huts because for them the most spiritual wealth is incomprehensible to materialists like me capitalists values.

This reflection, which nests in my head for decades, comes to light now because Venezuela is a rich country (oil and vegetation) populated by poor people, money and expectations of progress.

If we compare the Swiss and their very poor Venezuelan territory and its rich territory, we get a perfect example to support my Law

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Pueblos pobres en territorios ricos.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.125)

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