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Myths about the causes of poverty

The explanations of the causes of distributive inequality of wealth, are actually stories, legends, myths, integrating wisdom but lacking unquestionable veracity.

Poverty is a problem for several reasons. One, perhaps the most important is that we annoy many, we are poor or not. For some it is not a problem because it seems to them an important phenomenon.

Therefore, poverty is a problem only for those who felt angry at its existence, we are poor or not.

I say otherwise is not mandatory feel bad that there are people who have nothing with others who have too, and for many it is not a problem of the existence of deserts or oceans, countries or territories with a minimum and others with a vast territory, nor is there super irritating settlements with other countries with very low population density, there are armies and much more effective than the total population of some nations and so on, the endless asymmetries we can observe as important as beauty, health, intelligence, resistance to fatigue, sports skills, insight, creativity, artistic performance aspects.

In short, we have specific allergies but are not allergic to everything. Some inequalities trouble us and others do not pay attention.

Precisely allergy is an unexplainable feeling. Those who attempt to lessen the discomfort they cause only act by trial and error. If something works, then that something might be a solution, but we can know for sure why he does not know as well what is it that relieves allergy.

As our mind may suffer from fear of emptiness, when we know something invented an explanation. This explanation is similar to a story, a legend, a myth literary style: it must be credible, consistent, include proven known data and, above all, should be easy to understand for many people for it to be included in the wisdom popular.

For example, do not know why the money is distributed so unequally as population, intelligence, fertility of the land. As we need to know why that both irritates us a majority, invent stories by which the rich steal from the poor, assuming they are poorly distributed opportunities, we think that politicians are corrupt and abuse the weaker (the poor) to encourage them to deliver substantial bribes (the rich).

This story has all the ingredients: a credible, consistent, attractive, exciting, it includes some hard data, but it is a story. If truth and we would have ended with the irritating distributive inequality.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Mitos sobre las causas de la pobreza.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.131)

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